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Video: Anthony Johnson media scrum, insists Daniel Cormier hasn't earned UFC vacation

"I don't know why he would say he wants six months off. Maybe he wants time to heal, spend more time with his family, train more to perfect his craft, I don't know. Do I see it as being selfish? No, but I want to say this: I don't feel like he's earned it enough to say, 'I need six months off.' If Jon was still the champ after two years of whooping ass and he says, 'Dude, I need six or eight months off,' you deserve those six to eight months, because you've put in the time, you've put in the work. Not saying Daniel didn't do that. But I think he should keep grinding. He should just keep grinding before it gets too late, because there's a lot of hungry guys coming up. It's only a matter of time before his body is gonna say, 'no more.' Give [him] six months off again, he might not be performing the same. So he needs to stay active, you know what I mean?"

Top Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight contender Anthony Johnson, who fights Ryan Bader at UFC on FOX 18 in January, is likely one win away from another crack at the 205-pound crown, one that could leave him opposite Jon Jones (again). Unless Daniel Cormier can avenge his recent loss to "Bones," which would then put "DC" in line for a "Rumble" rewind. Assuming, of course, Cormier doesn't take that long overdue vacation, one Johnson (via MMA Fighting) insists has yet to be earned. While it may sound like a case of sour grapes, based on the outcome of UFC 187, it may have more to do with Cormier's expiration date, as trying to stay competitive at this level -- especially considering the Olympian turns 37 in March -- could be getting more difficult with each fight (and he has eight more to go). Either way, expect the light heavyweight timeline to become more definitive once "Bones" gets back in business.

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