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Daniel Cormier admits he's not a big PPV draw, but predicts Jon Jones rematch does more than 1 million buys

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

UFC 192, which took place on Oct. 2, 2015, in Houston, Texas, featuring a Light Heavyweight title fight between Daniel Cormier and Alexander Gustafsson, didn't exactly break the bank at the box office.

In fact, according to this report, when the dust finally settled, the event tallied a mere 250,000 pay-per-view (PPV) buys.

But, don't blame the fight (or the event) because "DC" and "The Mauler" put on one hell of a performance. Both men had their shining moments, but in the end, Cormier walked away with his belt after five hard-fought rounds (video replay here).

Of course, as we all know, the event is sold beforehand, as marketing, promotion and, more important, name value, have everything to do with getting people to fork over their hard-earned cash.

As Cormier recently told MMAJunkie, he knows he isn't a big enough draw to bring in huge numbers. However, he has to have the right dance partner and pieces around him to increase interest.

"You really do need the right person to make it happen. The fight (at UFC 187) with (Johnson) had (Middleweight champ) Chris Weidman on there, too, who did almost 1 million against Anderson Silva," said Cormier. "But, against Vitor Belfort, it was hard for us to crack the number that we wanted to. You have to look at it as a whole."

As it stands, Cormier says he's not a top five draw, putting the likes of Ronda Rousey, Conor McGregor and Chris Weidman ahead of him.

"And then (there are) Anderson and Nick Diaz when they come back," added Cormier. "So no, I would not be one of the top-five draws. You've got to be realistic with yourself as you approach these situations, and I think I do that, and that's because of the experiences I've had in life," he stated.

After revealing that his first fight against Jon Jones did around 800,000 buys -- which he says is about the same as his fights against the aforementioned Johnson and Gustafsson combined (700,000) -- "DC" is confident in saying their rematch will do much better.

"Way over 1 million. I would love for us -- for Jon and I -- to do 1 million-and-a-half (buys)," the former Olympian added.

"In our first one, we did 700,000, but there are a lot of factors that could make this one really big. Not only our rivalry, but Jon coming back from his legal issues. I believe that it can be a really, really big pay-per-view."

It helps that the two rivals have already started selling a fight that has yet to be booked.

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