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Daniel Cormier: New, bulky Jon Jones messed with his winning recipe, might be slower as a result

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Jon Jones seems to be doing better these days.

No longer is he indulging in drugs and alcohol, opting to focus his attention on other extra curricular activities such as weight lifting, as evidenced by the numerous videos he's posted of his new muscular frame (see them here and here).

But how much is that going to actually help him inside the Octagon?

Not much, says Daniel Cormier, who feels that "Bones" messed with a "really good recipe" that allowed him to take out the best in the world. As "DC" declared on The MMA Hour, by adding extra bulk to his body, Jones may have given an advantage to his future foes, himself included.

"The weight lifting stuff, honestly, look, Jon said he had some issue before with his alcohol and drugs. You have to replace that stuff with something. It seems as though his addiction is now weight lifting. And that's not bad, you replaced it with something positive, something that can help you. Maybe he feels that by getting stronger it's going to make him a better fighter. The reality is, when I saw him getting so bulky, as a competitor, I thought, 'Wow, this isn't bad for me.' Because the Jon Jones that was kind of skinny and not the bulkiest guy, it all worked. His body, the way his body was it worked. It allowed him to have range, to have optimal speed and it allowed him for quickness and agility. With all the extra bulk, to me it was like maybe it will slow him down. Maybe he won't be the fastest guy, maybe this guy is messing with what was given to him and the reality is, what was given to him has been perfect. The guy is 22-0, he's beat the best guys the world has to offer, some of the greatest fighters of all time. And now he's gotten bigger. So, for me as a competitor, you start messing with the recipe that is actually really, really good, maybe this opens up the door for some of his competitors."

Points taken.

Cormier and Jones are set to tango in the first quarter of 2016 in what will be a rematch of their bout at UFC 182 earlier this year.

And it will be an compelling do-over to say the least, as Jones hasn't competed in nearly a year (see why here), while Cormier has gone on to win the vacant light heavyweight title against Anthony Johnson and defended it once against Alexander Gustafsson.

Plus, it will be rather interesting to see if the new, bulky version of "Bones" will be the same dominate fighter he was in his leaner days.

Or perhaps even better.

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