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Mike Dolce defends Ronda Rousey's 'amazing' training camp, slams click-bait headlines

Those wannabe "journalists" have done it again.

Not long after Ronda Rousey was knocked clean out in the UFC 193 pay-per-view (PPV) main event (video), which took place earlier this month in Melbourne, Australia, the mixed martial arts (MMA) community began questioning how a fighter as dominant as "Rowdy" could be dismantled so easily.

The answer is Holly Holm.

But "The Preacher's Daughter" may have had a little help from the media, who "distracted" the formerly-unbeaten Olympian. In addition, Rousey may not have been in optimal fighting shape, as witnessed by this guy, who got a very close look at the finished product.

Or so the click-bait headlines will tell you!

Longtime combat sports diet guru Mike Dolce, tasked with helping Rousey make her 135-pound mark, talked to Submission Radio about his client's "amazing" training camp.

"Ronda was in excellent shape. She had an amazing training camp, there were no discernible changes to her meal plan or her weight cut. She was actually two pounds lighter this fight week than she was the fight week vs. Bethe Correia. So you could pull back and look at the data points. The data points show that Ronda should have had a much better performance. But what the variable is, is Holly Holm. Holly Holm did a great job on that night. And it's unfortunate to see, but this is the current climate that we live in right now. You know, nationally, globally, specifically within this little microcosm of Mixed Martial Arts, people only look for negative. If it bleeds it leads. And that story certainly sells as we can see with all the click-bait headlines out there with very little actual context inside the article. So this is what people are trying to hang their hat on, but nobody's really talking about the great job that Holly did. Moving forward, of course I predict Ronda will be dominant and I think Ronda will be extremely dominant in a rematch, but she's going to have to work every single day of these next six months or so until she steps inside there."


Despite his argument to the contrary, plenty of people are "talking about the great job Holly did" (sample), which is why "The Preacher's Daughter" has been making the media rounds over the past two weeks, even re-enacting her finishing blow upon request.

Whether or not she can replicate that performance in the inevitable rematch is a matter of opinion. For me, I'll reserve judgment until I can get a better look at the data points.

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