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UFC Quick Quote: Matt Hughes is a fake-ass hall monitor

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"I can't stand that guy. I don't even want to say anything because I know I'm not going to get to smack him or anything. If they said, 'Matt, let's do this,' I'd say, 'I need six months,' because I'm a professional. I never missed weight. I'd have to get into a training camp. I'm not doing that for my health. Dude, you're best friends with Dana. He gave you a fake ass job. You fucking hall monitor. Come on. Is that guy working harder on the farm or with his fake ass hall monitor job. Fighter relations? Are you fucking serious? If [UFC fighters] have a problem, who are they going to call? I should have that job. Who are they more likely to call? Me or him? I should have that fucking job. Seriously, he should just sit back and collect his checks pretending he's doing something. If the UFC said this is actually catching wind and people want to see the fight I would do it the proper way and it would fucking happen. But if it's not going to happen I'm not going to sit here and just flap my gums."

Sounds like former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight champion Matt Serra was caught roaming the halls without a pass, as "The Terror" ripped into UFC Vice President of Athlete Development Matt Hughes, who recently came under fire for punking out Nick Diaz. That said, his rivalry with his former 170-pound nemesis -- which apparently was not settled with their three-round slugfest way back at UFC 98 -- can be renewed with just one phone call from promotion president Dana White. Until then, Serra told podcast pals Kenny Florian and Jon Anik (via MMA Fighting) that he will continue to use testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) and eat his wife's delicious pasta because he's no longer competing and doesn't need to follow the rules of a fighter. Unless, of course, the fans rally for "Hughes vs. Serra II." Anyone?

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