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Highlights! Watch Dominique Steele slam, then knockout, Dong Hyun Kim at UFC 'Seoul'

Bringing us back to the good ole' Pride FC days!

In the first-ever Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) match in Seoul, South Korea, Welterweight up-and-comers Dominique Steele and Dong Hyun Kim got things off to an incredible start.

Steele initiated the action in a heartbeat, barreling into Kim and backing him all the way into the cage. The American then shot for the double leg, got it, and then channeled his inner Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, picking him up high and then bringing him back down to Earth inside Olympic Gymnastics Arena.

The powerful slam surely knocked the wind out of Steele, who finished the hometown favorite with elbow strikes shortly thereafter.

Power bomb FTW!

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