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'Kings' coach: Ronda Rousey is not trash, but needs to abandon 'crazy' gameplan

"Rowdy" is getting a whole lot of support and advice from her MMA peers.

Matt Roberts-USA TODAY Sports

Even though Ronda Rousey is in hiding, following her women's bantamweight title knockout loss (video) at the hands of undefeated mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter Holly Holm at UFC 193, that hasn't stopped her peers and other prominent fixtures in the MMA universe of debating what's next for "Rowdy."

The former longtime queen of the 135-pound division, who has plans of disappearing for a while, maintains that she "will be back."

Whether that's at her normal home in Glendale, or at King's MMA, remains to be seen.

After her string of success at the Edmond Tarverdyan-owned gym in "So-Cal," current lightweight champion and Kings MMA representative Rafael dos Anjos, as well as middleweight contender Michael Bisping, have weighed in saying that either she should make a move, or stay put.

Dos Anjos' striking coach at Kings MMA, Rafael Cordeiro, has seconded his pupil's remarks, and believes that a change in gameplan is in order for the 28-year-old (via MMA Fighting).

"People have to respect her. Just because she lost this fight, she’s trash now? No. She did a great job inside the UFC, inside the sport. I respect her camp, but if she one day wants to spend some time inside the Kings MMA, she's more than welcome. With all respect, more than welcome. When you have a belt, when you have a championship in your hands, you can't run straight to your opponent as a crazy. You can't do this anymore. So I think the way she ran against Holly was a little bit... She anticipated what she wanted to do. I expect Ronda to throw a punch and grab. I think me and all over the world expect the same thing. Punch and find for short distance, and grab. I think she has to chance a little bit more because (everyone) started to understand her game. Holly did a great job, she stopped Ronda with punches in the beginning, controlled the distance. As soon as she found her distance, she put Ronda in problems. I think (Rousey) has to change her mind about go straight all the time."

Much was made of Tarverdyan's questionable cornering between the first and second round of her headliner opposite "The Preacher's Daughter" in Melbourne two weeks ago after it was heard that he told Rousey she was doing just fine.

According to UFC President Dana White, Rousey isn't likely to split with Tarverdyan, who's in a bit of hot water at the moment.

For now, she will have time to lick her wounds and digest this loss, before making her way back into the Octagon for a rematch with Holm sometime in 2016.

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