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Jon Jones says he was addicted to marijuana not cocaine, suggests he may sue Nevada Commission

It's been two days since's Ariel Helwani did his walk and talk hour-long interview with former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and journalists are still mining important tidbits of information from it.

For instance, Jones is still pretty miffed at the Nevada State Athletic Commission over the public admission that the fighter had failed a pre-fight, out-of-competition drug test for cocaine metabolites days before UFC 182.

Although the incident was taken seriously by UFC by fining Jones $25,000 and urging him to check into rehab, the fighter shed some light on why he checked back out a day later.

"It's crazy with the whole cocaine thing," Jones said. "Ariel, I'll look you dead in your eyes. I don't like coke. I'm not a coke guy. I smoked marijuana quite frequently. And people who know me know that about me. I love to drink. I can honestly say I partied with the best of them."

Jones went on to say he's a marijuana addict, but definitely not a cocaine addict.

Perhaps more relevantly, cocaine isn't actually prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) outside of competition, which means the Nevada Commission really shouldn't have been testing for cocaine in the first place.

Although Jones has not said he will sue the commission, he told Helwani it upsets him that now his name is associated with the hardcore drug.

"I have up to three years to sue them for what they did to me," Jones said. "I had no right to be doing cocaine, but they had no right to be testing me for street drugs and then putting it out to the public. I hear about the cocaine more than anything else I've ever done in my career. So, they definitely set me back huge. Let's just say I haven't forgot about it."

Jones followed up the cocaine scandal with a bigger problem in April when he was witnessed fleeing the scene of a car accident involving a pregnant woman in the other vehicle. He pleaded guilty in October and was handed down 18 months probation and 72 appearances of community service.

Since then, Jones has been publicly taking digs at Daniel Cormier in an attempt to get a rematch and earn back his UFC title.

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