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UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman taking a light Thanksgiving dinner, says he's really a welterweight

Chris Weidman looks huge for the Ultimate Fighting Championship's (UFC) middleweight division and has even talked about moving up in weight to make a "superfight" against Jon Jones, and yet the champ is surprisingly light with two weeks remaining in his training camp for UFC 194 on Dec. 12, 2015 in Las Vegas.

Speaking to MMAjunkie Radio, Weidman is about seven or eight pounds above the 185-pound limit for his weight class, meaning unless he stuffs himself with gravy and turkey this Thanksgiving his weight cut won't be altogether strenuous.

"My wife's going to make me a separate meal, so it's not going to be everything I want," said Weidman. "But it's alright. I like to be disciplined, and it's sacrifices like that that make everything pay off at the end."

That's a far cry from his 10-day, 32-pound weight cut he made in 2012 to face Demian Maia on short notice. In what was likely the fighter's worst performance to date, Weidman won a sluggish unanimous decision victory that nevertheless propelled him to the top of the list of prospects aiming for Anderson Silva's belt.

In fact, Weidman told MMAjunkie Radio he now has a nutritionist and has given up drinking alcohol, moves which have helped keep him lean and mean.

"I'm more like a 170-pounder," Weidman said. "I weigh like 192, 193 (pounds) in the morning. I've got my weight down really low for this one."

Weidman will face former Strikeforce middleweight champion Luke Rockhold in the co-main event of UFC 194. The hulking hunk is no small fries himself, also suggesting a move to the 205-pound division after he finishes business with the All-American wrestler.

Of course, "Jacare" Souza might have something to say about that.

We're 16 days out, people! All aboard the UFC 194 hype train! Whoo-whoo!

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