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UFC Fight Night 79: Latest Vegas odds, lines and betting guide for 'Henderson vs Masvidal' in Seoul

Get a detailed breakdown of the betting lines for UFC Fight Night 79, which is set to hit Olympic Gymnastics Arena in Seoul, South Korea, this weekend (Sat., Nov. 28, 2015), including best bets, underdogs, favorites, and much more!

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The injury bug: It's bad, it's worldwide.

The first-ever trip for Ultimate Fighting Championship to Seoul, South Korea, makes it to the finish line despite taking some lumps along the way, lighting up our Saturday morning (Nov. 28, 2015) with UFC Fight Night 79.

The Fight Pass main event pits former Lightweight standouts Benson Henderson and Jorge Masvidal against each other, while Dominic Webb steps in to replace "Gamebred" against Dong Hyun Kim in the co-main event.

It's better for you than coffee, at least, so at least you'll get a good wake up jolt. Plus some money, if you know what you're doing. I just might.

UFC Fight Night 79 Odds For The Undercard:

Jake Collier (-140) vs. Dongi Yang (+120)
Yui Chul Nam (-120) vs. Mike de la Torre (EVEN)
Tae Hyun Bang (-170) vs. Leo Kuntz (+150)
Cortney Casey (-165) vs. Seo Hee Ham (+145)
Fredy Serrano (-190) vs. Yao Zhikui (+165)
Ning Guangyou (-220) vs. Marco Beltran (+180)
Dominique Steele (-135) vs. Dong Hyun Kim (+115)

Thoughts: Several hometown bruisers will carry the day on the undercard: Yang and Ham.

Simply put, while Yang lacks any real finesse in his attacks, Collier is in the same boat, with the added disadvantage of lacking Yang’s compensatory power. If the American is as willing to slug it out with Yang as he was with Ricardo Abreu, it’ll be a short night.

"The Ox" should take him out with punches sometime in the first two rounds.

It’s nearly a given that Casey vs. Ham will devolve into a slugfest at some point ... and Ham’s got plenty of experience with those. It’s worth remembering that she was an elite Atomweight before joining UFC, and while she’ll give up a worrying amount of size, she’ll hold up better under fire than Casey.

UFC Fight Night 79 Odds For The Main Card:

Benson Henderson (-255) vs. Jorge Masvidal (+215)
Dong Hyun Kim (-600) vs. Dominic Waters (+450)
Yoshihiro Akiyama (-170) vs. Alberto Mina (+150)
Doo Ho Choi (-220) vs. Sam Sicilia (+180)

Thoughts: Masvidal could be worth a bit, but the real star of the show is Doo Ho Choi, who is going to beat the living hell out of Sam Sicilia.

By all accounts, Sicilia’s peaked -- he’s still the same heavy-handed wrestlebrawler as always, even though multiple losses have shown him that the style doesn’t work on the highest levels. Worse, he’s chinny, while Choi is absolutely devastating with his hands and knees.

"The Korean Superboy" is too fast, hits too hard, and defends takedowns too well to lose this fight. Bank on it.

As far as Masvidal, I seriously think he has the skill to be one of the best in the world ... even at Welterweight. He’s lethal accurate with his hands and might as well have brick walls for hips the way he shuts down takedowns. He’s a bit of a head case, though, so just make it a small investment if you do decide to go in on him.

UFC Fight Night 79 Best Bets:

  • Parlay -- Doo Ho Choi and Seo Hee Ham: Bet $40 to make $102.40
  • Single bet -- Dongi Yang: Bet $40 to make $48
  • Single bet -- Jorge Masvidal: Bet $20 to make $43

There's a full day of combat sports on Saturday, so be sure to start bright and early with us on

See  you there!

Remember that will deliver live UFC Fight Night 79 results on fight morning, which is as good a place as any to talk about all the action inside the Octagon, as well as what you've got riding on the sportsbook.

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