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Johny Hendricks parts way with Team TakeDown, still wants Tyron Woodley UFC fight

When one door closes ...

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Taking deer meat out of his diet isn't the only thing Johny Hendricks is changing moving forward.

The former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Welterweight champion has announced that he is parting ways with his long-time management team, Team TakeDown.

"(Team TakeDown) has done a great job with me for the last eight years," Hendricks today told MMA Junkie Radio. "We just couldn't come to an agreement on certain things, and it was time for me to pull away."

And while changing management teams usually isn't a big deal, in the case of "Bigg Rigg," it's a pretty big one. That's because by leaving his management team, he'll also be losing some coaches and training partners.

"The ones who have contacted me, if they want to work with me and be the best we can be, then that's what it is," Hendricks said. "But, at that point, they'll probably have to choose if they want to stay with Team TakeDown or follow me, and I don't like putting those kind of stipulations on people. I want them to be happy and do the best thing for them."

"I still have (Oklahoma State University)," added Hendricks, who was a national champion with his old alma mater. "As long as I can still go to OSU and (work with) my boxing coach ... now all I have to do is find a place where I can roll and do some ground work," he added.

As for his next bout, Hendricks still wants to settle his score with Tyron Woodley after their original bout -- which was set or UFC 192 this past October -- was canceled because of Hendricks' weight-cutting issues.

However, Hendricks wants to make sure he is out of his contract with Team TakeDown completely before taking a fight.

"I've got to wait until I get cleared out of my management," he said. "As soon as we break clean, that's whenever it will give me a better understanding. As of right now, that's what I'm shooting for. But, if they say no, we want to keep you until February, I'll probably have to fight early March."

Of course, Woodley may not be interested since he now is in line to face the winner of the upcoming title fight between 170-pound champion Robbie Lawler and Carlos Condit, which is scheduled to take place at UFC 195 on Jan. 2, 2016, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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