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Former UFC heavyweight Jeff Monson wins fight, Russian citizenship all in one night

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight title contender Jeff Monson (58-23-1) was sick and tired of all the bullshit he had to put up with in the United States of America, so he packed his bags and got the fuck out.


While the patriotic side of me will not be sad to see him go, I will admit I respect his decision to jump ship and settle elsewhere, instead of sticking around and whining about how awful America is -- while still leeching the benefits of its stars and stripes.

The announcement was made during Octagon Fighting Sensation (OFS): "Best of the Best" in Moscow, according to the boys over at Sputnik News (via The Underground), where the 44-year-old "Snowman" picked up his third straight win. It came by way of submission over Ukrainian tomato can Konstantin Skrel (3-4), but hey, a win is a win.

And any night that doesn't end with smoke and chicken wire is a good night.

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