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Michael Bisping says there's no need for Ronda Rousey to fire coach Edmond Tarverdyan after UFC 193 disaster

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When Ronda Rousey staggered back to her corner after a humiliating beatdown in the first round of her main event showdown against Holly Holm at UFC 193, several fight fans were flabbergasted to hear the head coach for "Rowdy" fill her head with stuff and nonsense about what a great job she was doing.

It was the sort of terrible advice one might expect from the sycophantic Jason Parillo, who always told BJ Penn how much a stud he was being between rounds, regardless of the amount of ass being handed to him on the real battlefield.

Immediately following Rousey's first career MMA loss, several people suggested this might be the end of the line for Edmond Tarverdyan. Such calls were likely precipitated by a delusional fight analysis on behalf of Tarverdyan, who boldly suggested Holm was not, in fact, lighting Rousey up like a Floyd Mayweather c-note.

But not everybody is piling on Rousey's coach following her devastating loss. UFC middleweight Michael Bisping took to his new SiriusXM Rush show "The Countdown" to suggest cooler heads will prevail:

"What Ronda's going to do, she's going to sit down with her team and they're going to analyze it. What went wrong, what went right. You know, she comes from a great camp. All these people that are talking that she needs to change camps, that she needs to fire her coach, I just think that's absolutely ridiculous."

Bisping said Tarverdyan took a "young girl" and trained her to become a world champion and the biggest star in the sport, with millions of dollars in earnings and endorsements. He said the coach doesn't deserve to get fired for suffering her first loss.

"The Count" added that if he were fired by a student over a single fight he'd be outraged.

"I'd never speak to that woman again. I'd say, 'you asshole, I wish I'd never met you.' So for people to say, 'fire him,' that's a little too much if you ask me. Come on, it's been one fight, one loss. She's done very well up until now."

Although Rousey has profited from her relationship with Tarverdyan, it would appear the coach has not. The Glendale Fighting Club owner recently filed for bankruptcy and declared a net monthly family income of -$110,000.

If she does hit the bricks, Rousey's mom would be elated. She publicly trashed Tarverdyan long before Rousey's beatdown, suggesting he's a terrible coach and that her daughter sticks around because she's "loyal to a fault."

So, how about it? Do you think Bisping has the right of it, or should Rousey get out while the getting's good?

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