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UFC Quick Quote: On his worst day Frankie Edgar still smashes Conor McGregor

Michael Cohen/Getty Images

Hey [Conor McGregor] you big mouthed leprechaun. You said on TUF that Frankie Edgar is weak. The only reason you still haven't lost in the ufc is because Dana and Lorenzo made a business decision and made sure you haven't fought frankie yet. Frankie would smash you on his worst day. When Aldo dropped out you know that they gave you chad instead of frankie because frankie is always in shape and would put a hole in your head. They wanted to make more money off of you. After Dec. 12 you will be irrelevant. I think you are a smart guy but talking shit about frankie isn't smart. You might be fighting him soon and the more you talk the more of an ass whooping you will get. I normally don't talk trash because I respect all fighters but when you talk about my brother your gonna get it. Family sticks together.

Those are the words of Ali Abdel-Aziz, Frankie Edgar's manager and World Series of Fighting executive vice president, as posted to his Instagram account today (Friday, Nov. 20, 2015). "The Answer" has always been respectful in asking for a chance to prove himself against the upstart Irishman, which is perhaps why he and McGregor have had limited verbal sparring despite being so close in the official UFC rankings. In the past, Edgar has said he knows he would be "a lot richer" if he "shit talked" McGregor, but chooses to carry himself with a "certain class." A class that, apparently, doesn't apply to his manager. The Toms River, New Jersey native would still be the most likely choice to step in on short notice if the injury bug takes a bite from featherweight champion Jose Aldo prior to the blockbuster main event of UFC 194 on Dec. 12, 2015, in Las Vegas. Of course, fights fans have every finger and toe crossed that doesn't happen. If McGregor and Edgar did face off inside the cage, where would you bank your fistful of dollars?

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