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UFC champion Holly Holm revisits Ronda Rousey knockout with Colin Cowherd: 'She hasn't been through a war'

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By now the mixed martial arts (MMA) masses -- and the rest of the world -- have had time to digest Holly Holm's epic knockout (video) of ex-UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey at the UFC 193 last Saturday (Nov. 14, 2015).

"The Preacher's Daughter" capped off a six-minute beatdown of "Rowdy" with a crippling head kick that sent shockwaves through Sportsbook, among other popular betting agencies.

Since then, both Holm and Rousey have gone in polar opposite directions, with the newly-crowned 135-pound queenpin making media rounds, just as the latter had grown accustomed to.

Holm's schedule has picked up after she attained UFC gold, first stopping by ABC's "Good Morning America" earlier this week, followed by an appearance today (Fri., Nov. 20, 2015) on "The Herd with Colin Cowherd," where the 34-year-old spoke about preparations for her clash with Rousey, among other things.

"Everything we did and practiced for played out in fight. We worked on cage work because she's very good at pressuring. We worked on armbar defense; she's a master at that. Training camp was hard. There were a lot of emotions, but the hard work was done. That was a significant moment [busting open Rousey], in my mind, in the fight. My coaches said, 'Holly you've been through wars.' That's not something you can teach someone. She hasn't been through a war. It's something unfamiliar to her. They said, 'hit her.' It was one of those things when I did it and saw redness, I said I want to keep going forward and imposing my will. There was a sense where I knew people were witnessing different. I knew I was presenting something different."

The Jackson-Winkeljohn MMA representative brutalized the face of Rousey so much during the pair's main event affair in Australia that the latter suffered a tear in her lip, which seems just par for the course this year in MMA.

The Olympic bronze medalist in Judo will want to heal up that million dollar smile before disappearing onto the set of a few Hollywood projects in 2016, leaving Holm to enjoy the fruits of her labor. That is, until the duo eventually engage in a rematch.

Keep an eye out for Holm's appearance on ABC's "LIVE with Kelly and Michael" this coming Monday.