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WSOF 25 live results stream: '8-Man Lightweight Tournament' play-by-play updates

World Series of Fighting

World Series of Fighting (WSOF) 25: "8-Man Lightweight Tournament" airs live on NBC Sports TONIGHT (Fri., Nov. 20, 2015) from Comerica Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona.

The majority of the show is set to feature quarterfinals, semifinals and (obviously) the finals of a one-night, eight-man tournament with the winner receiving a future 155-pound title shot against Lightweight champion Justin Gaethje.

Several of the men in the tournament have had a crack at Gaethje before. Luis Palomino tried and came up short ... twice. His opening round opponent, Richard Patishnock, also had a go. We've also seen Brian Cobb fight Justin Gaethje ... and fail.

What do all of these men have in common? A burning desire for one more chance to knock the undefeated Gaethje off his throne as the reigning WSOF Lightweight champion.

All of the action-packed WSOF 25 televised bouts air this evening on NBC Sports Network, starting at 11 p.m. ET! will deliver LIVE results and real-time play-by-play coverage of WSOF 25: "8-Man Lightweight Tournament" below, including "Prelims" undercard action that starts at 8 p.m. ET.

Many readers check in before, during and after the fights to share their thoughts on all of the action. Feel free to leave a comment (or 25) about the bouts before you leave and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it's always a lot of fun!


Finals: Joao Zeferino vs. Brian Foster -- Foster def. Zeferino by KO (punches) at 4:51 of Round Two
Jason High vs. Estevan Payan -- High def. Payan by KO (head kick and punches) at 0:47 of Round Two
Semifinals: Luis Palomino vs. Brian Foster* -- Foster def. Palomino by TKO (punches) at 4:19 of Round Two
Semifinals: Jorge Patino* vs. Joao Zeferino -- Zeferino def. Patino by submission (heel hook) at 1:24 of Round One
Joseph Barajas vs. Erik Villalobos -- Barajas def. Villalobos by TKO (punches) at 4:06 of Round Three
Jimmy Scully vs. Roberto Yong -- Yong def. Scully by TKO (punches) at 1:11 of Round One
Quarterfinals: Luis Palomino vs. Rich Patishnock -- Palomino def. Patishnock by KO (punches) at 4:55 of Round One
Quarterfinals: Brian Foster vs. Joao Zeferino -- Zeferino def. Foster by submission (heel hook) at 1:46 of Round One
Quarterfinals: Mike Ricci vs. Joe Condon -- Ricci def. Condon by KO (head kick) at 2:41 of Round One
Quarterfinals: Jorge Patino vs. Islam Mamedov -- Mamedov def. Patino by unanimous decision
Reserve bout: LaRue Burley vs. Ramil Mustapayev -- Mustapayev def. Burley by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)


Finals: Joao Zeferino vs. Brian Foster

Round 1: Foster cracks him with a pair of right hands in the early going. Zeferino changes levels as Foster advances and puts him on his back. Zefeerino falls back for the heel hook, can't get it and takes half guard. One minute in. Zeferino now looking for a Kimura. He drops it, then cuts through into mount and the back. Foster escapes out the back door, then comes down into top position. Zeferino goes from a deep half guard sweep into a leglock, then catches an illegal kick to the face in the process. They resume on the feet, two minutes in. Foster easily stops a takedown attempt. He stuffs another and waves Zeferino up when he tries to pull guard. Two minutes to go.

Quick punching exchange in the center. Foster catches a high kick and dumps him, then waves him up. Foster steps into the clinch and Zeferino pulls guard on a heel hook, which Foster escapes from and stands. One minute to go. The round ends without any more excitement. 10-9 Zeferino.

Round 2: Foster cracks his foe with a straight right in the first ten seconds. Check hook by the Brazilian. One minute in. Foster fires a spinning back kick and Zeferino uses it to take him down into  half guard. Zeferino working to pass. Foster manages to sweep his way up and he kicks at Zeferino's legs for a moment before coming back down. Zeferino again looks for deep half guard and Foster spends some time looking for a d'arce before standing. Riight hand by Zeferino, then a hard right hand by Foster. Zeferino blasts him with a counter right, then another right hand drops the wobbling Foster. Two mnutes to go.

Zeferino looks to take him out from guard, only to get swept. He lands an upkick, takes a kick on the way up, and Foster shoots again. Zeferino surrenders position and goes back to deep half. One minute to go. Foster stands over him, landing a left hand, then a massive right that turns Zeferino's lights out. The Brazilian is awake enough to try to shoot, but nobody's home, and the ref steps in before Foster can dish out too much more punishment.

Final result: Foster def. Zeferino by KO (punches)


Jason High vs. Estevan Payan

Round 1: Tentative start to the round. Low kick by Payan. Payan pops him with a left hook after a combination. High shoots in behind a left hand and ties up on the fence, taking Payan down. High takes his back, then the rear crucifix. One minute in. Punches and hammerfists from High, who is also looking for the Kadowaki Special RNC. Two minutes in. High still has that arm trapped, landing solid punches. Payan gets his arm free, only to eat a pair of knees as he gets to his feet. Two minutes to go.

High chances levels and briefly takes the back once more. Payan manages to stand and separate, then crack him with an inside low kick. Counter right by Payan. One minute to go. High lands a front kick to the body, followed by a straight left that backs Payan up. More body kicks by High. He flicks out kicks until the bell. 10-9 High.

Round 2: Payan presses forward with a combination as High tosses out front kicks. Head kick drops Payan and High drills him with a pair of nasty left hands to polish him off.

Final result: High def. Payan by KO (head kick and punches)


Semifinals: Luis Palomino vs. Brian Foster*

*Mike Ricci is injured and cannot continue.

Round 1: Foster attempts a spinning back kick early on, no dice. Palomino falls short with a leg kick as Foster advances. One minute in. Low kick from Foster. Jab connects. 1-2 by Foster kicks off an exchange. Palomino blasts him with a counter left that Foster takes well. Low kick by Foster. Two minutes in. Straight right lands for him. Inside low kick. BIG counter  hook by Palomino and Foster ties up, eventually dragging Palomino to the mat. Two minutes to go.

Palomino with one butterfly hook. Foster passes over it to side control. Palomino regains half guard. One minute to go. Foster tries a knee-cut into mount and completes it. Foster postures up, then returns to side control. Mounted crucifix by Foster, followed by an Americana attempt after some punches. Palomino gets out and Foster works back to side control before the bell. 10-9 Foster.

Round 2: Foster fires a leg kick, can't complete a shot. He just misses with a leg kick. Spinning back kick from Foster falls short. One minute in. Both men fall short with punches. Foster shoots in once again and takes Palomino down. The Baboon turns into him and shoots himself, only to fall into a guillotine. Palomino spins out and lands a head kick on the way up, but Foster wins the scramble and takes half guard. Two minutes in. Side control now for Foster. Full mount, Palomino escapes out the back door, gives up his back right away. Foster flattens him out, then takes mount and continues to pound way. Two minutes to go.

Palomino gives up his back, then turns back over. Foster keeping his balance well. He takes side control as Palomino turns into him, then drops hard punches. Palomino just covering up, taking punishment, and the referee steps in. Palomino's unhappy, but that was a good call.

Final result: Foster def. Palomino by TKO (punches)


Semifinals: Jorge Patino* vs. Joao Zeferino

*Though Patino lost in the quarters, Islam Mamedov could not continue due to an ACL injury. Despite having a perfectly good reserve fighter in Ramil Mustapayev, they've put Patino back in instead. I have no idea why.

Round 1: Patino still has a big ol' mouse under his right eye from his fight with Mamedov.

Low kick by Zeferino. Both men firing low kicks. One minute in. 3-2 by Macaco and Zeferino shoots in, immediately falling back for a heel hook and becoming the first man in thirteen years to submit Patino, a high-ranking black belt, in profession competition..

Final result: Zeferino def. Patino by submission (heel hook)


Joseph Barajas vs. Erik Villalobos

Round 1: Villalobos jumps in with a knee and Barajas uses it to take him down. Villalobos makes it to his feet, only for Barajas to hit an inside trip. Again, Villalobos gets up before his foe can get anything done and, again, Barajas plants him near the fence. One minute in. Villalobos uses the fence to move to the back, only for Barajas to escape out the back door and take him down yet again. Two minutes in. Full guard. Short shots by Barajas. Villalobos lands some elbows before Barajas hits another takedown. Two minutes to go.

Either the announcers and the graphic has mixed up the fighters, or I have. Villalobos makes it up and Barajas continues grinding him. One minute to go. Another takedown by Barajas, another scramble up by Villalobos before the bell. 10-9 Barajas.

Round 2: Barajas keeps up the takedown assault, planting Villalobos twice in the first minute. Now even the announcers are confused over whose name is whose. He spends the next minute or so on top, doing very little. Just before the two-minute mark, Villalobos scrambles up and nearly gets his back taken.

Barajas takes him back down and takes side control, punching as he does. Villalobos makes it up, gets taken back down. One minute to go. Full mount for Barajas. Villalobos trying to bridge him off, can't do so. Barajas punches away until the bell. 10-9 Barajas.

Round 3: Yet another takedown by Barajas. Villalobos can scramble up, but he can't break free. Barajas continues grinding for the first two minutes of the round. Side control for Barajas, then full mount. Villalobos rolls through to turtle position, then back to side control.  Back up, slammed back down. Two minutes to go.

Barajas takes mount yet again, threatening a guillotine.  He postures up and drops some weak-looking punches, eventually landing enough that the referee steps in.

Final result: Barajas def. Villalobos by TKO (punches)


Jimmy Scully vs. Roberto Yong

Round 1: Low kick from Scully to start. He shoots from way too far out, but manages to get Yong down. Yong scrambles up and a brief grappling exchange ensues; neither man winds up in good position and they restart on their feet. Hard right hand by Yong scores a knockdown and starts pouring on punishment. Scully goes for a leg, but drops it to cover up and the referee steps into save him.

Final result: Yong def. Scully by TKO (punches)


Quarterfinals: Luis Palomino vs. Rich Patishnock

Round 1: Patishnock tosses out a high kick, blocked. He lands a low kick and shoots in. Palomino reverses and lands a knee to the groin. They reset in center ring. One minute in. Palomino tries an ugly cartwheel kick and Patishnock again shoots in.  They jockey for position on the fence. Knees by Patishnock on the inside. Two minutes in. Palomino avoids a lift and both men land on the break. Two minutes in. Low kick from Palomino and Patishnock shoots yet again. Knees to the thigh. Two minutes to go.

The ref breaks them up before anything can happen. Patishnock immediately ties up again.Both land knees. The ref separates them because nothing's happening. One minute to go. Solid knees by Palomino inside, then wings some huge bombs A left hook drops Patishnock and Palomino swarms. Rich makes it to his feet, only to eat a massive looping right hand that puts him out cold.

Final result: Palomino def. Patishnock by KO (punches)


Quarterfinals: Brian Foster vs. Joao Zeferino

Round 1: Zeferino shoots immediately, eating a right hand. He pulls guard after continuing to drive and Foster waves him up. Low kick from Foster and he stops another takedown. Foster catches a head kick and takes Zeferino down. Zeferino hits a deep half guard sweep and takes top position. One minute in. Foster looks for a leg as Zeferino looks to pass and they go to 50/50. Foster lands a few punches, but Zeferino latches onto the heel hook and forces an immediate tap.

Final result: Zeferino def. Foster by submission (heel hook)


Quarterfinals: Mike Ricci vs. Joe Condon

Round 1: Ricci tosses out a pair of high kicks and wings punches. Condon connects inside as they clinch and takes Ricci to the fence. Short knees by Condon. Ricci manages to separate and return to the center. One minute in. Some exchanges in the center. Condon shoots, no success. Two minutes in. Body kick by Ricci.  MASSIVE head kick by the Canadian lays Condon out and the referee rushes in to save him

Final result: Ricci def. Condon by KO (head kick)


Quarterfinals: Jorge Patino vs. Islam Mamedov

Round 1: Mamedov is the taller man by a fair margin here. He sticks out his jab as Patino works behind a high guard. Body kick by Mamedov. Patino falls short with a left hook. Jumping knee from Mamedov. One minute in. Low kick by Patino, flying knee from Mamedov. He hops in with a knee, then knocks Patino down hard with a right hook. Hard punches by Mamedov as Patino tosses up his legs. Patino taking a lot of punishment here. Two minutes in. Mounted crucifix for Mamedov, then back to side control. More big shots by Mamedov. Macaco tosse up an upkick, Mamedov just keeps hitting him. Two minutes to go.

Hard hammerfists. Patino trying to hit a deep half guard sweep and does so, immediately passing to mount. Mamediv scrambles up and Patino latches onto an arm-in guillotine, jumping guard. Mamedov gives a thumbs-up and eventually gets his head free, taking half guard. That submission attempt prevents a 10-8, but still a massively dominant 10-9 round from Mamedov. 

Round 2: Inside low kick from Macaco. He falls short with punches, lands another leg kick. Again. Body kick by Islam, then one for Patino. They tie up and Mamedov cracks him with a hard knee as he falls. One minute in. Mamedov looking to take the back as Patino scrambles up, but the Brazilian gets free. Counter right from Patino. Mamedov counters a trip attempt and nearly takes the back before Patino escapes once again. Two minutes in. Patino steps into the clinch on the fence and shoots. Body kick by Mamedov on the exit, then a lead right hand. Two minutes to go.

Check hook from Islam. Low kick by Patino. Front kick from Mamedov. Patino sucking wind, eats a left hook and lands a low kick. One minute to go. Mamedov lands a hard body kick and Patino flurries on the fence. Step-in knees by Mamedov. Low kick from Patino. Mamedov shoots at the bell. 10-9 Patino.

Final result: Mamedov def. Patino by unanimous decision


Reserve bout: LaRue Burley vs. Ramil Mustapayev

Round 1: Low kick and right hand, then another lead right from Ramil after taking a leg kick. Ramil tosses out body and head kicks. Counter left uppercut just falls short. Spinning back kick connects, Burley takes it well. Mustapayev catches a kick and trips Burley to the mat, landing in guard. One minute in. Burley looks for a high guard and Mustapayev uses it to pass to north-south, then side control. Burley scrambles up, Ramil attached. Knee by the Russian, who then makes space and enters with a right elbow. Two minutes in. Counter right by Ramil, who runs into a jab. Low kick lands, body kick blocked. Teep by Ramil, followed by a left hook. Burley snapping out the jab, runs into a right cross. Ramil catches him with another left hook, then a spinning back fist off the forehead. Body kick connects. Good punching rush by Burley with two minutes to go.

Burley continuing to jab and lands some right hands inside. Overhand right by Ramil near the fence. Counter elbow lands for him, flying knee lands to the chest. Hard counter right and knee up top. Burley continues to advance, punching the head and body as he moves into the clinch. One minute to go. Mustapayev knees him before the separate. Some prodding exchanges at range, then a heavy elbow by Mustapayev. Burley catches a shin to the nuts as they exchange and takes his time recovering. Nasty pair of counter rights by Mustapayev, then a head kick that lands with the foot before the bell. 10-9 Mustapayev. 

Round 2: Mustapayev switching stances, lands a pair of solid head kicks. Burley wings some heavy shots in response, then a body kick. 1-2 by the Russian. Flying knee connects to the head and Burley comes back with a low kick. Body kick lands for the American. One minute in. Spinning back kick by Ramil. Burley misses badly on a jumping kick and eats counters. Another right hand and low kick by Mustapayev. Burley with a solid low kick. 3-2 lands for Mustapayev, another rush by Burley, who misses another kick and eats more punches. Two minutes in. Mustapayev drills him with a body knee inside; Burley is content to stay on the fence and it's not working. Counter right by Mustapayev. Burley ties up with double underhooks. Knees by Ramil, who reverses position. Good body shot by the Russian, who lands some more on the fence. Two minutes to go.

Mustapayev cracks him with another right hand, then drills the body with punches and knees the head. Burley's getting outclassed  here. Front kicks to the body, then another head kick by the Russian. Good trip by Burley, but Mustapayev takes mount in the scramble. One minute to go. Mustapayev moves to side control, then looks to set up the north-south choke. It's not there, so he postures up and drops some nasty ground-and-pound. Burley rolls to turtle position and eats punches until the bell. Great performance by Mustapayev thus far, 10-9 same.

Round 3: Burley fires the jab, eats a low kick. Body kick by Mustapayev and Burley shoots, taking the Russian down on the fence. Mustapayev uses the fence to scramble up, then cracks him with a counter right. Burley misses on a Superman punch. Counter right by Ramil, then knees to the head. He changes levels on the fence. One minute in. He gets Burley's hips out and takes him down into side control. Burley tries to stand and Mustapayev cracks him with knees to the body from turtle position. Two minutes in. He stands and looks for a takedown, slamming Mustapayev down. The Russian immediately sweeps into side control. North-south now for Mustapayev. Two minutes to go.

Hard punches by Mustapayev, who threatens an Americana. Burley manages to explode to his feet and separate, only to eat another right hand and body kick. Nice single-leg by Mustapayev into half guard. One minute to go. He soon passes to mount and drops big punches until Burley gives up his back. He makes it to his feet and Ramil hits a suplex before the bell. 10-9 Mustapayev.

Final result: Mustapayev def. Burley by unanimous decision


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