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Bellator 146 'Kato vs Manhoef' results: Live streaming play-by-play updates TONIGHT on Spike TV

Bellator MMA

Bellator 146: "Kato vs. Manhoef" takes place TONIGHT (Fri., Nov. 20, 2015) from inside WinStar World Casino in Thackerville, Okla., featuring an important Middleweight main event with ranking implications for both Hisaki Kato and his opponent, "No Mercy" Melvin Manhoef.

The fans in "Sooner State" can have their pick of hard-hitting combatants on tonight's Spike TV-televised main card, with bouts like Bubba Jenkins vs. Jordan Parsons at Featherweight and Houston Alexander vs. Guilherme Viana at Light Heavyweight, among others, so there's little doubt it will be an action-packed evening.

Bellator 146 will start tonight on Spike TV at 9 p.m. ET. will be here all night long to deliver LIVE results and play-by-play for the televised fights, along with the undercard "Prelims" undercard action airing on starting at 7 p.m. ET.

Many readers check in before, during and after the fights to share their thoughts on all of the action. Feel free to leave a comment (or 146) about the bouts before you leave and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it's always a lot of fun!


Hisaki Kato vs. Melvin Manhoef -- Manhoef KO 3:43 R1.
Bubba Jenkins vs. Jordan Parsons -- Jenkins SD 29-28, 28-29, 30-27.
Chidi Njokuani vs. Ricky Rainey -- Njokuani UD 29-28 X3.
Brandon Girtz vs. Derek Campos -- Girtz via KO 0:37 R1.
Guilherme Viana vs. Houston Alexander -- Viana via TKO (doctor) 5:00 R2.
Ben Reiter vs. Kiko France -- France via RNC 1:08 R2.
Arlene Blencowe vs. Gabby Holloway -- Blencowe SD 29-28 X2, 28-29.
Josh Neer vs. Andre Santos -- Santos UD 29-28 X3.
Julia Budd vs. Roberta Paim -- Budd UD 30-26, 30-27 X2.
Zach Rosol vs. Alonzo Menifield -- Menifield by KO 0:38 R1.
Stephen Banaszak vs. George Pacurariu -- Banaszak via guillotine 3:42 R1.
Treston Thomison vs. Chris Jones -- Jones via UD.
Klayton Mai vs. Roshaun Jones -- Mai via guillotine 2:25 R1.
Justin Patterson vs. Codale Ford -- Ford via RNC 2:17 R1.
Kenyon Jackson vs. Bubba McDaniel -- McDaniel TKO 4:14 R2.


Hisaki Kato vs. Melvin Manhoef

Manhoef is in white trunks for the main event. Kato is in the back. Fans in the Thackerville crowd hold up WE LOVE PARIS signs in support of Kato and the people of France. Manhoef is 29-12-1 (in MMA) out of Amsterdam and Kato is 5-1 out of Paris by way of Japan. Our referee in charge of this main event is John McCarthy. Let's get it on!

Round 1: Manhoef whiffs on the first kick he throws. Both men are feeling out the range and being very cautious early. Kato looks like the bigger and faster man when he does get into range, and he starts trying to pour it on at 1:40 but nearly loses a gunfight and he has to reset. Manhoef finds a home with his leg kick and Kato does with a left hook over the top. Hard body kick by Kato followed by a leg kick. Manhoef tries to go high, eats another body kick, and it turns into a gunfight on the fence again at 3:30 until Manhoef backs off and lands ONE BIG LEFT that ends it at 3:43.

Final result: Melvin Manhoef finishes the fight by walkoff knockout at 3:43 of the first round.


Bubba Jenkins vs. Jordan Parsons

Round 1: Parsons is 11-1 in the black trunks and blue gloves. Jenkins is 9-2 in the red trunks and red gloves. Our referee in charge is Jason Herzog. Jenkins talks smack to Parsons during the final instructions from Herzog and refuses to touch gloves. Jenkins scores the first takedown at 17 seconds. He gets up but gets suplexed at 32 seconds, and he's all over Parsons' back until they break at 1:06. Jenkins circles on the outside and lets Parsons come to him, then dumps him to the ground at 2:04. Jenkins has hooks in on his back but lets it go. They circle each other as Jenkins has a smile on his face for how it has gone so far. Parsons throws some high kicks and presses forward. Jenkins lands a solid left in the exchanges. Parsons stuffs a takedown at the four minute mark, wants a guillotine, but he can't find the opening. Jenkins gets another takedown before the bell ends R1.

Round 2: Herzog checks to see if there was a low blow in the first minute of R1, Parsons waves it off and the fight continues. Parsons lands a right over the top. Jenkins misses a takedown off a leg kick but it's clear he's looking for the opening. Jenkins goes for a spinning backfist that doesn't work but he rocks Parsons with a big left kick to the head that does and instead of letting him up for the finishing blow he willingly engages in a takedown battle on the ground. Parsons goes for a kimura and eats some huge hammerfists that make him think twice about it. They get back up and Jenkins gets a takedown at 3:41. Parsons goes for the kimura again with short time remaining but Jenkins is never in any serious danger before the bell.

Round 3: The Bellator announcers are stunned that Parsons is still in the fight as we open R3. Jenkins uses a takedown to set up a right hand that lands flush. Jenkins is again content to let Parsons come toward him and present an opening, but Parsons ends up on top of a kneeling Jenkins against the fence landing legal knees since Jenkins doesn't have his hands down - he's fishing for a leg.. Jenkins finally stands at 2:25 and breaks free at 2:59. He has a takedown 9 seconds later. Jenkins gets a warning to work at 3:55 and pushes Parsons to the ground seconds later. Parsons tries to grab a guillotine but can't. Jenkins spins to his back but lets Parsons up to his knees in the process. Parsons stands for the final seconds and Jenkins already has a hand raised like he won before the bell.

Final result: The judges score this contest 29-28 Jenkins, 29-28 Parsons, 30-27 for Jenkins by split decision.


Chidi Njokuani vs. Ricky Rainey

Round 1: Red trunks, 13-4, fighting out of Las Vegas by way of Dallas, Texas is Chidi Njokuani. White/black trunks, 11-3, fighting out Gastonia, North Carolina is Rainey. Our ref is John McCarthy. After a tap of the gloves we're underway. Njokuani lands the first leg kick. Both men tie up and head to the fence at 48 seconds, with Rainey getting the better of it for the most part. He drops levels but no takedown opens up, so he goes back to throwing knees. Rainey backs up and momentarily has Njokuani rocked from a big left, but Njokuani recovers quickly enough for McCarthy to not step in. Rainey is content to knee Njokuani in the thighs and go for a leg trip that doesn't work, but a spinning elbow lands flush. McCarthy gives a warning to watch the fingers and to not hold the trunks with 59 seconds left. He resets them to the center at 4:25. Njokuani gets the back against the fence with short time but doesn't get the takedown. 10-9 Rainey.

Round 2: Another glove tap to open R2. Njokuani is rocked again 12 seconds into R2 but spins out of half guard and gets back to his feet. Hard left shot over the top by Njokuani as they clinch against the fence, Njokuani leaning into him hard. McCarthy calls for work. Rainey throws him off and they return to center at 1:40. Rainey chases Njokuani across the cage as he backpedals straight to the fence. McCarthy calls for more action at 2:38. Rainey almost gets a takedown -- almost. McCarthy restarts them at 3:25. Rainey comes forward again with shots and Njokuani has to tie him up defensively. Njokuani lands  shot and Rainey is blinking like fingers raked his eyes. Njokuani breaks for the final 30 seconds of the round. Rainey lands shots and puts Njokuani on the fence again to win another round.

Round 3: When we come back from break Bellator shows us it was an elbow that hit Rainey in the eye, not Njokuani's fingers. Njokuani puts Rainey on the fence at 0:28. Rainey goes for a throw and gains a dominant position on Njokuani against the fence in the process. The camera keeps trying to catch how swollen Rainey's eye is. McCarthy knocks Njokuani's hand away from the fence for grabbing as Rainey gets a brief takedown. Rainey seems content to ride out the storm but McCarthy does not and restarts them at 3:08. It's pretty clear in the last minute that Rainey can't see out of his right eye. Njokuani lands a solid kick to the body but Rainey gets a takedown late and a little ground and pound before the bell. The decision should go his way... and doesn't. Rainey falls to his knees in shock.

Final result: The judges score this contest 29-28 X3 for Chidi Njokuani by unanimous decision.


Brandon Girtz vs. Derek Campos

Round 1: White trunks, 15-5, Lubbock, Texas is Derek Campos. Black trunks, 13-4, Denver, Colorado by way of Minneapolis is Brandon Girtz. Our ref is Jason Herzog. Girtz has finished this fight in the first 40 seconds! It starts with a hard left hook, a quick right to follow that faded Campos, and it was only a couple of unblocked shots on the ground later that made Herzog wave it off.

Final result: Brandon Girtz finishes Derek Campos by knockout 37 seconds into round one.


Guilherme Viana vs. Houston Alexander

Round 1: Red trunks for Alexander, 16-12-1 2 NC, fighting out of Omaha, Nebraska. Black/green trunks for Viana, 6-2, fighting out of Porto Alegre, Brazil. Our referee in charge is John McCarthy. Both men feel out the range dead in the center for the first 40 seconds. Alexander is working a lot of body shots. He pops a solid left to the head at 1:18. Viana responds with a couple of overhand rights. Viana wobbles Alexander with a big left at the 2 minute mark and takes him down with ease at 2:14 then lets him back up. Another huge right as Alexander gingerly steps across the canvas trying to clear the cobwebs. Another left from Viana. Both men appear to have their noses damaged and blood trickling out with two minutes left in R1. Viana is staying patient instead of burning himself out going for the kill. Solid left to Alexander's face, and a left hook, and he's taking two shots for every one he gives back. 10-9 or 10-8 for Viana.

Round 2: Both men tap gloves to start R2. Viana hurts him with a left at 26 seconds, Alexander goes for a takedown, Viana sweeps back to his feet and pops Alexander with more lefts. Alexander is wobbly at 51 seconds. He falls down at 1:02 and Viana gets on top against the fence. McCarthy is warning Alexander to fight back as Viana fires off unchecked rights standing behind him. Alexander covers his head with his right hand, so Viana goes for knees to the body, then jumps to the back with a right hook in. McCarthy warns Viana not to hit the back of the head as he tries to soften Alexander up. He warns Alexander to do something at 3:12. Alexander stands up at 3:33. Alexander swings wildly with a right - it may be he can't even see Viana at this point due to the swelling. Viana circles and lets the bruised and battered Alexander come to him for the remainder of R2. This was another borderline 10-8 round.

Round 3: This fight was stopped between rounds due to a cut on his right eyelid that couldn't be stopped between rounds. Definitely the right call.

Final result: Guilherme Viana wins via doctor's stoppage (TKO) at 5:00 of the second round.


Ben Reiter vs. Kiko France

Round 1: Watching this is crazy due to all the buffering and freezing - my apologies. Reiter (16-0-1) has white trunks, France (12-3-1) has black. John McCarthy is our referee. I can't even call the action because it stops, starts, and then jumps 10-20 seconds ahead. I can suggest to you that Reiter is the aggressor looking for takedowns against the fence, and got one late in the right when France overcommitted on a punch, but that's from seeing one or two seconds of action for every 30 that took place. Reiter APPEARS to have won the first round.

Round 2: France takes the back and goes for a rear naked choke approximately a minute into this round and taps Reiter out for his first loss as a pro at 1:08.

Final result: Kiko France wins via rear naked choke submission at 1:08 of the second round.


Arlene Blencowe vs. Gabby Holloway

Round 1: Holloway is 5-3 in the black top and camouflage trunks with blue gloves fighting out of Washington, D.C. Blencowe is 6-5 in black top and trunks with red gloves. She hails from Sydney, Australia. Jason Herzog is our referee. Blencowe takes the centertain. Blencowe is the aggressor striking but Holloway clinches with her at 56 seconds on the fence. She digs hard for a takedown but Blencowe turns her around, lands a knee, then lands some more hands standing. Holloway tries to get another takedown but Blencowe winds up on top North-South searching for a submission until Holloway finally pushes into guard at 2:10. Blencowe uses her legs around Holloway's back to keep her from passing to half or side, but Holloway is doing some damage on top. Blencowe scoots to the fence and gets back up at 4:15. They come back to the center with 20 seconds left and Blencowe goes for a Superwoman punch that doesn't land flush - but every time she connects with Holloway she seems to hurt her. Holloway is searching for a takedown again as R1 ends.

Round 2: Blencowe is again head hunting as R2 opens, looking to land her big right hand. Holloway gets a single leg in response at 21 seconds and moves quickly to full mount. Holloway grinds away with the left elbow and forearm as Herzog looks on. Holloway finally gets off four or five right elbows in a while after being tied up for a bit, but the aggression allows Blencowe to sweep on top and pick her up for a slam. Holloway responds by putting her legs up around Blencowe's neck, hunting for a triangle or an armbar. Blencowe pulls out at 2:56 and Herzog stands Holloway up at 3:12. She shoots and gets another takedown but seems exhausted as she does so. Herzog stands them up for inactivity at 4:10. Blencowe is an inch short on a head kick attempt. Holloway throws one of her own. Blencowe chases and Holloway gets another single leg to end R2.

Round 3: Holloway's corner unapologetically tells her she's "too tired to box" between rounds and urges her to go for takedowns in R3. Blencowe stuffs the first takedown attempt and lands some knees. Holloway dives for the leg on a second attempt and gives up her back in the process. Holloway finally trips her way into what she wants. Blencowe stands at 2:04 and Holloway is all over her back trying to trip the right leg. She gets the outside trip at 2:35. Holloway is working toward an arm triangle. Blencowe sweeps and stands up with 90 seconds left. Herzog calls time because Blencowe landed a knee to the head coming toward her. He rules it was accidental but it's 50/50 as to whether she meant to do it. Holloway says she's okay and the two touch gloves to continue with 75 seconds remaining. Holloway wants one more takedown but Blencowe goes for back mount and an armbar. Holloway survives until the bell. Holloway appears to have blown out something in her leg or knee - she can't stand up after the fight. Doctors and officials swarm around her as we await the scores. She has to be held up for the announcement.

Final result: The judges score this contest 29-28 Holloway, 29-28 Blencowe, 29-28 for Blencowe by split decision.


Josh Neer vs. Andre Santos

Round 1: Camouflage trunks for Josh Neer, 36-14-1, fighting out of Des Moines, Iowa. Black trunks for Andre Santos, 37-10, fighting out of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Our referee is Kerry Hatley. Neer is going after it at the bell, landing leg kicks and pushing toward Santos, who responds by grabbing 'The Dentist' around the waist. Neer lands a knee and turns him around. Neer is looking for his own single leg but loses it at 1:35. They split up and create distance to strike 11 seconds later. It doesn't last long as Neer rushes Santos into the fence. Santos pushes him away throwing bombs even as he does. Neer goes right back to the cage again at 2:29. Santos gets free and starts winging hands, misses on a takedown and lets Neer on top in guard. Neer avoids a triangle attempt and gets a mount with hooks in and 1:16 left in the round. Neer gets a warning for shots to the back of the head. He stands and has to wait to strike as Santos purposefully stays grounded to avoid a knee. 10-9 Neer.

Round 2: Santos is taken down 40 seconds into R2. He softens up Santos with shots to the body as he tries to get hooks in from behind but Santos stands up at 1:28. They break and Santos backs away shaking his hands. Neer paws at him with a long left jab. Neer gets a warning for fingers to the eyes at 2:44 as they jockey for position against the cage. They break at 3:26. Neer lands a right hook and an uppercut. Santos looks a little sloppy. Neer with knees against the cage and a big right elbow over the top, but Santos starts bombing and Neer has to cover up. Neer eats a left, Santos goes for a takedown, Neer stuffs it at first but Santos gets it with seconds left - and for all that time Neer gets to recover. That may have been a costly mistake for Santos.

Round 3: Both men touch gloves for R3 and Neer connects with leg kicks. Santos goes for an uppercut. Neer lands an over-the-top right, a right elbow, a left and drops levels but lets it go as they battle for head control. Both men swing wild and Santos tags him with three uppercuts. Neer with a left hook after they break clinch. Santos goes for a takedown that Neer stuffs quickly. Santos tries for a single leg and Neer takes the back in response. Neer is trying to get a rear naked choke but Santos escapes and they stand at 3:00. They create distance a half minute later so they can head hunt. Neer puts Santos against the fence again at 4:18. One last shot for somebody to land a shot to end the fight with 20 seconds left. Santos gets one last uppercut and right hand. They show each other respect after the final bell.

Final result: The judges score this contest 29-28 X3 for Andre Santos by unanimous decision.


Julia Budd vs. Roberta Paim

Round 1: White trunks and silver top for Roberta Paim, 4-0, fighting out of Lajedo, Brazil. Yellow trunk sand top for Julia Budd, 7-2, fighting out of Port Moody, B.C., Canada. Our referee is Jason Herzog. Budd is looking for a single leg early in R1. When it's not there she's happy to keep Paim against the fence, throw knees, and stomp on the feet. Herzog has this look like he wants to reset them but Budd is dominant and throwing strikes so it's hard to call for it. Paim finally turns Budd around at the two minute mark, tries to drop levels, but can't do it successfully. Budd pushes her back into the fence again a half minute later. Paim trades places with her looking for a single leg and can't find it. We go back and forth with the two looking for an advantage on the feet. Herzog keeps looking in closely. Paim tries and fails to get a leg trip several times. Knees to the body from Budd as she turns Paim around again. The crowd doesn't seem too thrilled but I do give Budd a 10-9 R1.

Round 2: Paim takes a kick to the face as she tries and succeeds in closing the distance for a body lock on the cage. Budd goes sideways until she can turn out at 1:04. Knees to the body again and foot stomps by Budd on the instruction of her corner. Paim turns her back for a few knees of her own. Round and round we go as Budd reestablishes position. Budd continues to pile up the majority of this fight's offense with knees to the body while stuffing one takedown attempt after another. Paim finally gets one for about a split second and Budd is unfazed. She goes right back to knees to the body along the cage. It's not easy to say this as a fan of 'The Jewel' but this is a tedious fight. Paim opens up with her hands 10 seconds left into R2 but neither woman scores big.

Round 3: Between rounds Budd gets a slap from her corner, and they tell her to "throw your damn hands." Paim tries and fails to get her own hands going in the opening half minute of R3. Budd is more than happy to tie her up against the cage. The stream starts buffering, dies, and comes back with Budd on top on the ground with 2:42 left. The stream freezes again at 3:03. When it finally restarts the fight is over and it's up to the cageside officials.

Final result: The judges score this contest 30-26, 30-27 and 30-27 for Julia Budd.


Zach Rosol vs. Alonzo Menifield

Round 1: Menifield is in white trunks with blue gloves, making his pro debut (0-0) out of Dallas, Texas. Zach Rosol is also in white trunks but has red gloves, 1-0, fighting out of Cedar Falls, Iowa. John McCarthy is our referee. Menifield rocks Rosol with a right hook after Rosol fails on a takedown attempt, jumps him on the ground, it's 38 seconds in and McCarthy quickly waves it off - this one is OVER.

Final result: Alonzo Menifield is your winner by knockout 38 seconds into his professional debut.


Stephen Banaszak vs. George Pacurariu

Round 1: Pacurariu hails from Romania but fights out of Dallas, Texas in the black and white trunks. Banaszak fights out of Greenville, Texas in the red and black. Our referee is Kerry Hatley. Pacurariu is staying at range and throwing kicks, which makes sense given Banaszak is taller and has a longer reach. He finally closes the distance and drops Banaszak with a right hand. Pacarariu is hunting for a second knockdown or a knockout after Hatley stands Banaszak up. As with the last prelim bout this one is freezing and jumping 20 seconds at a time, but most of the time Banaszak seems to be getting hurt. Banaszak ends up getting the guillotine on what must have been a takedown attempt, tapping Pacarariu out in the first round, a huge comeback for the win based on how much he seemed to be getting rocked.

Final result: Stephen Banaszak wins via submission (guillotine choke) at 3:42 of the first round.


Treston Thomison vs. Chris Jones

Round 1: Unaired on

Final result: Chris Jones wins via unanimous decision of the judges.


Klayton Mai vs. Roshaun Jones

Round 1: Unaired on

Final result: Klayton Mai wins via submission (guillotine choke) at 2:25 of the first round.


Justin Patterson vs. Codale Ford

Round 1: Unaired on

Final result: Codale Ford wins via submission (rear naked choke) at 2:17 of the first round.


Kenyon Jackson vs. Bubba McDaniel

Round 1: Unaired on

Final result: Bubba McDaniel wins via technical knockout at 4:14 of the second round.


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