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Video: Internet trolls choked out by Miesha Tate after crashing Xtreme Couture

It seems a quartet of dopey internet trolls -- who I love and adore because they click on my equally dopey posts (like this one) -- didn't learn any lessons from this grappling demonstration by Miesha Tate, who taught Donald Cerrone a thing or two about mat work.

Or maybe they did, and wanted to feel the squeeze of "Cupcake's" underpaid legs.

Either way, the inane clown posse rolled up on Xtreme Couture and decided to test their mettle against the longtime Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) bantamweight contender, as well as doing all sorts of troll-like things in the process.

Like calling Tate the "world's champion of female fighting" and grappling "in the ring" despite being inside a cage.

No matter.

For those of you out there in Internet land who enjoy watching young lads getting their comeuppance, this video is for you, as Tate treats the Janoskians like the Kansas City Royals treated the New York Mets.


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