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Chad Mendes has a scathing message for Conor McGregor 'nut-hangers'

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"The only people that are questioning my conditioning are Conor McGregor nut-hangers, and that's just because he said that. And dude, look at my fight with Aldo. I fought Aldo, who's one of the best pound for pound fighters in the world. I went five rounds with him and pushed the pace the entire time. When I'm prepared, my cardio is never an issue. It never has been. There's been one other fight with [Nik] Lentz, where I was sick and fought through it, and still beat that guy, who in my opinion would destroy Conor. So you're always gonna get those people who are talking shit. And I don't think my cardio is an issue. It never has been. I took that fight on short-notice, and that's why it was an issue in that fight. [If] I train a proper fight, I kill Conor. And I don't think my conditioning is gonna be a problem in this fight. You guys got to see what happened in the first two rounds. I mean, I took him down and was able to land shots at will. I mean, big elbows, big punches. The guy doesn't have much off his back. And me in shape, I'm able to bounce around on the feet, stay light on my feet, take him down whenever I want. I feel like I could beat that guy just with the cardio alone with my wrestling."

Get off that sack, jack. That's the message from Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) featherweight contender Chad Mendes, who fights Frankie Edgar next month on FOX Sports 1, but still can't seem to dodge questions about his UFC 189 title fight against Conor McGregor. "Money" was cashing in for about two rounds, taking "Notorious" down and landing big shots. As the fight wore on, however, Mendes -- who took the bout on two weeks notice when Jose Aldo was felled by a training partner -- emptied his tank and got punched into the loss column (full recap here). The Team Alpha Male product insists his cardio is never an issue and told Submission Radio it was stepping up on short notice that cost him the win against his Irish counterpart, not a failure to prepare. Perhaps we'll get a second look at these two if Mendes can figure out "The Answer" to beating Frankie Edgar and McGregor skates by "Junior" at UFC 194. Anyone think the rematch ends differently than their first go-round?