FRIDAY, WSOF holds EPIC 8man 1Night GP!!!


Hello Maniacs!

THIS Friday, WSOF is holding an epic 8man 1Night Tournament!

I usually can't stand WSOF, but goshdamn, if there's one way to win me over this is certainly it! I'm SO PUMPED for this!!!

1Night GPs are the most fun & epic combat sporting events EVER & I'm ecstatic they're making a comeback in the USA! ...& props to WSOF for having the balls to hold another 8man GP here too!

HOWEVER, I'm wary of this because of a quote from Chael Sonnen at the end of the previous WSOF event's broadcast where he said in reference to this WSOF 1Night GP that it "could be the last one ever." ???

Just what in the hell did that mean Chael? Y'all planning on deliberately sabotaging this to try & hurt their rep? Well then why the hell would you say that?

It's no secret that WSOF is zuffa affiliated & zuffa hates 1Night Tournaments (b/c they can't "control" them. smh) so I could easily see WSOF sabotage this to appease their zuffa overlords so they can go "see! We told you they don't work!" whenever a competitor holds one like the epic Bellator/RIZIN/ONE.

Well too f*cking bad if that's your guys' plan! 8Man 1Night GPs are ALREADY PROVEN time & time again, & will continue to do so regardless if your little minor league WSOF tries to sabotage it! 1Night GPs are RAD! Always have been, ALWAYS will be. #FACT

Oh you think that's wrong?


BATTLEGROUNDS MMA ALREADY PROVED 8MAN 1NIGHT GPs WORK IN MODERN MMA! (Here is a link to my fanpost PROVING it with the recap/gifs of it in the comments)

Roan "Jucao" Carneiro won BGMMA's 8Man 1Night GP Revival event in Oct. 2014 & was rewarded with a UFC contract. Jucao then came in & scored a Top15 UFC Win & is now Top15 UFC Ranked a full weight class ABOVE where he fights! How about THAT!

An epic, PERFECTLY run 8man 1Night GP produced a Top15 UFC MW & that is permanently written in history.#FACT

& if WSOF decides (wisely) to just let this one play out properly on Friday without f*cking with it, then it's going to produce a REAL challenger for Gaethje's LW Title!


Now that I got my rant outta the way let's get to this epic 1Night GP here that WSOF is holding Friday!

There are some things I like about it & some things I don't.

The format is ok. The Qrts & Semis are 2 x 5:00 rounds scored as a whole PRIDEstyle, with the Final being 3 rounds. That's fine, but it'd be preferable if there was at least a 3rd tiebreaker round for the first 2 Tourney rounds in case of a draw, but I ain't gonna nitpick it because I'm just happy it's an actual 8man 1Night GP!!!

There's no elbows allowed until the Final which is good. That's exactly how it's supposed to be (to prevent cuts).

What I really like is that WSOF has TWO Alternate/Reserve bouts on the card. That's EXACTLY how you're supposed to do it. Well done there! Injuries happen in combat sport, & proper Alternates are ESSENTIAL for 1Night GPs & are often the element where minor leagues screw'em up, so it's encouraging to see WSOF get it right on that part. Now how will they manage & plug in Alternates in the event of injuries will be the key. Obviously it'd be stupid to plug in an Alternate into the Final when he's only had to fight once while the other combatant fought twice. We'll see how WSOF does it.

Here is the article where I got all the rules info from:


The bracket is pretty darn good too with pretty even matchups! I was pleased with that as well!

*REMINDER: 1Night Tournaments favor FINISHERS, period. The best FINISHER usually always wins! That's part of the reason why 1Night GPs are so f*cking RAD!!!

Here is the Television & fight card info:

WSOF 25 on NBC Sports @ 8pm PST (11pm EST):

Tournament Championship: Semifinal Winner #1 vs. Semifinal Winner #2
Lightweight Co-Main Event: Jason High vs. Estevan Payan
Tournament Semifinal #2: Quarterfinal Winner #3 vs. Quarterfinal Winner #4
Tournament Semifinal #1: Quarterfinal Winner #1 vs. Quarterfinal Winner #2

WSOF 25 'Prelims' on @ 5pm PST (8pm EST):

Bantamweight Bout: Joseph Barajas vs. Erik Villalobos
Catchweight (165 pounds) Bout: Jimmy Scully vs. Roberto Yong
Tournament Quarterfinal #4: Luis Palomino vs. Rich Patishnock
Tournament Quarterfinal #3: Brian Foster vs. Joao Zeferino
Tournament Quarterfinal #2: Brian Cobb vs. Mike Ricci
Tournament Quarterfinal #1: Islam Mamedov vs. Jorge Patino
Tournament Reserve Bout #2: LaRue Burley vs. Joe Condon
Tournament Reserve Bout #1: Benny Madrid vs. Ramil Mustapayev

That is a VERY good 1Night Tournament line-up! I'M PUMPED!!!

I'm kind've pissed they only have 1 bout in between the Semifinals & Final, but whatever, I understand, they have a specific timeframe window on TV to work with. Still, with the Semis being only 2 rounds each they could've easily fit in another fight in there to give the fighters more rest before the Final, but that's alright though, it's still gonna be RAD!!!

*ATTENTION: I would like to ask ALL FANS PLEASE tune in to this event on TV (instead of streaming) & give WSOF a ratings bump for this event! That will show 1Night Tournaments are a draw which will lead to more happening in different weight classes across ALL organizations!!!

Thank You...& as always, Thanks for reading & enjoy the fights!

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