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Manager: With Ronda Rousey 'exposed,' UFC needs money-making machine like Cris Cyborg

Esther Lin for Invicta FC

In the words of Chael Sonnen, "when one star goes out, another is born."

A sentiment that George Prajin, Cristiane Justino's manager, says Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) needs to take to heart and look at the big money-making machine named "Cyborg" it has hidden on the Invicta FC roster.

Especially now that the promotion's biggest star, Ronda Rousey, has suffered the first loss of her otherwise-impeccable career, thanks to the outstanding striking of Holly Holm.

"I really think the UFC should reassess the situation, reassess their assets and realize they have a money-making machine in Cris Cyborg," Prajin told ESPN. "If people were in awe of the way Ronda was dominating fights, show them Cyborg's highlight reel. It blows whatever Ronda was doing away. There's a difference between armbarring somebody and knocking them out unconscious."

Cris and Ronda have long been linked to one another in a rivalry that never actually led to a fight between the two.

According to Prajin, after what went down at UFC 193, it's clear as to why "Rowdy" always found a way to put up hurdles in order to block the fight.

"Everybody is saying, 'Why are you happy when you just lost the big-dollar fight against Rousey?'" Prajin said. "But in reality, Ronda was putting a lot of hurdles up for that fight and now we know why. I think Ronda's camp knew if she fought somebody that was able to pick her apart on her feet, she was not going to be in a good position and that was exposed on Saturday," he added.

Still, despite the rocky history between his client and the former UFC queenpin, Prajin says he applauds Rosuey for putting women's mixed martial arts (MMA) on the map. And if he was her adviser, he'd tell her to take whatever value she has left and bolt to Hollywood.

Because at the end of the day, her camp lied to her and made her believe she has skills that weren't really in her possession.

"Look, if I was Ronda's adviser, I'd probably tell her to hang it up," Prajin insisted. "She's 13 fights into her career and she's been lied to by her camp, about having certain skills she doesn't have."

"I think it's going to be very hard for her to learn those skills. For her to come back and lose two or three fights, whatever value she has left in Hollywood is going to be gone. She should go salvage her entertainment career," he concluded.

As far as a fight between "Cyborg" and Rousey, Prajin doesn't rule it out, but admits that it isn't top priority now that "Rowdy" has been "exposed."

Justino will compete early next year under the Invicta FC banner. And though UFC has been working closely with the all-female promotion, don't expect White and Co. to start pumping "Cyborg" up just yet.

After all, they still have hopes his biggest star will come back with a vengeance.

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