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You can die out there! Watch video sneak peek of Georges St. Pierre on 'Undeniable with Joe Buck'

Tonight's the night!

Longtime sports broadcaster Joe Buck kicks off his new television show later this evening (Weds., Nov. 18, 2015) at 8 p.m. ET on Audience Network, which can be found on channel 239 on DirecTV and 1114 on U-verse. Titled "Undeniable with Joe Buck," the live audience format features interviews with some of the biggest names in sports.

That includes mixed martial arts (MMA).

"If you lose a fight, you may lose your well being, as well," former UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre told Buck in the video sneak peek above. "You can die out there."

"I was out there to prove I was the best in the world," said Chuck Liddell, who also makes an appearance at some point this season. "Nothing else."

St. Pierre and Liddell both walked away from combat sports (for much different reasons); however, "Rush" may find himself back inside the Octagon if his "test camp" goes well.

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