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Video: Freddie Roach critiques Ronda Rousey's 'embarrassing' loss at UFC 193

Freddie Roach picked Ronda Rousey to "destroy" Holly Holm at UFC 193 last weekend (Sat., Nov. 14, 2015) in Melbourne, Australia.

Holm, however, flipped the script and upset "Rowdy" in devastating fashion, thanks to a well-placed head kick that was set up by her world-class boxing skills.

Skills that Ronda has yet to obtain, says Roach.

In fact, as Freddie recently told Fight Hub TV (via Bloody Elbow), it seems as though Ronda hasn't learned a single thing about boxing, which resulted in an embarrassing performance in the land "Down Under."

"I saw highlights of and not the whole thing. I saw enough to see that she got beat up a little bit. I didn't really expect that. I did pick her to win that fight. I thought she would get Holly to the ground. Holly is not a great ground fighter but that kick was pretty good. Holly is a good fighter. She had like 31 wins and 3 losses. She had some legit wins on that record. I think I underestimated her a little bit, maybe I should have went the other way. All [Rousey] has is the ground game right now. She really needs to learn how to fight fights in the stand up. [Holm] came out as a leftie and a southpaw and Rousey had no idea how to deal or strategy to deal with that. It was embarrassing a little bit. No one ever taught her anything about boxing, it looked like."

Sorry, Edmond.

Tarverdyan has often proclaimed that Rousey does indeed have the chops to become boxing world champion. In the eyes of perhaps the best boxing trainer in the world, however, she's far from it. Nevertheless, despite the loss -- and this -- Rousey isn't likely to drop her longtime teacher.

As far as rematch between the two talented ladies, Roach doesn't think the world wants to see it again since it was such a lopsided victory and suggests -- much like this guy -- that she might be better off moving on to bigger and better things.

Dana White, on the other hand, strongly disagrees.

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