Ok we had our fun! Ronda needed that beat down now its time to move on

Welcome to my first drunk on Gin post. huh? Oh ya where was I sorry watching Tosh.0. Ok back on topic. So I have been a huge Rousey hater for a while, I fucking hated her cunt attitude and the constant praise she was getting from everyone especially Dana and Rogan and many of you cunt licking bandwagon assholes. The beatdown from Holly was amazing and she deserved every bit of it because of her trashy antics prior to the fight. She believed her own hype. She has been surrounded by Yes Men her whole life. We saw some funny gifs and photo-shops after the knockout.....


I was ruthless. Until I saw a pic today and actually felt a feeling I have never felt before.... A feeling I first had when my 1 and only daughter was born...tear_engine.0.gif

This was the pic here


I said to myself " jesus christ man what the fuck is wrong with me beating a woman while she is down" I have a daughter for christ sakes. Anyway .... one sec I need a sip of Gin....ok where was I ..... oh ya I am done with the Ronda hate, I am truly sorry Ronda but I am giving you a second chance and if you come back all cunt-like and bratty again......


Then you deserve every bit of hate directed towards you. She got her ass beat and brought her back to earth.........god I wish I could get back to earth this Gin is elevating me......Oh ya so quit the hate for now she is beaten down enough. Lets all take the high road and give her a chance. But like i said if she comes back with the same attitude then I say its open season on her. Anyway thats all, sry for the lack of porn...


Just stay classy along the way

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