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Cris Cyborg erupts after 'disrespectful' Joe Rogan jokes she has a penis

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Esther Lin/ ShoSports

During an impromptu taping of "The Joe Rogan Experience" -- which featured Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) president Dana White breaking down UFC 193 on the airplane ride home from Melbourne, Australia -- comedian Tony Hinchcliffe decided to poke fun at Cristiane Justino.

What ensued was an all-out Twitter war between he and the former Strikeforce featherweight champion, one that began after Rogan and Hinchcliffe suggested she had a penis.

Material Tony says he would use if he ever had the chance to roast "Cyborg."

"That would be amazing, I wouldn't even know where to begin. Where would I start?" - Tony.

"Her dick." - Rogan.

"That she's the only person who cuts weight by chopping off her dick." - Tony.

Listen to the audio below courtesy of Zombie Prophet:


Of course, Cyborg wasn't about to take it lying down, as she took to social media to go tweet-to-tweet against Tony:

Cyborg then shifted her attention to Rogan and White, slamming them for egging on the comedian and laughing at the "hurtful" jokes:

It's important to note that it wasn't White who made the "joke." Still, this isn't the first time he's had a good laugh at Justino's expense, as he once said the Invicta champ looked like "Wanderlei Silva in a dress."

This latest situation furthers the strain between "Cyborg" and UFC, who may have lost her chance to compete inside the Octagon because of this.