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Ronda Rousey's ex-manager: 'I created a monster,' she's 'not a good person'

Darin Harvey is full of mixed emotions following the first-ever "Rowdy" loss ...

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Long before Ronda Rousey had big time Hollywood agents representing her, Darin Harvey took on "Rowdy" and helped her become the mega star she is today.

Those days, however, are long gone, as Harvey and Rousey are currently involved in an ugly legal dispute after "Rowdy" went in a different direction in 2013 following four years and eight professional bouts together.

Harvey revealed that his relationship with the former UFC women's Bantamweight champion ended when he refused to accept "status quo'' terms from UFC when negotiating a contract for his former client, according to MMA Junkie.

So how did he react to seeing his former client getting knocked out by Holly Holm at UFC 193 (watch video highlights here), suffering the first-ever loss of her impressive mixed martial arts (MMA) career?

"It was kind of bittersweet, " he told USA Today (via MMA Junkie). "Part of me was elated and part of me was saddened. The part of me that was saddened was that once I was identified with representing the top female fighter in the world. No longer do I have that title," he said.

According to Harvey, he stands to lose a good amount of cash in the current legal battle adding to the debt he accumulated trying to help promote "Rowdy" early on in her career.

"And she thought it would be okay that she didn't owe me a dime," said Harvey, who took to Instagram immediately after the bout to post this message which read:

"Karma, no need for revenge, just sit back and wait. Those who hurt you will eventually screw up themselves and if you're lucky, God will let you watch."

Still, you can understand the reason(s) Harvey is full of mixed emotions, because despite the current bitterness they share toward each other, he can't erase the past memories in which he viewed her as his own daughter.

"Just so much emotion. She was like a daughter to me at the beginning. She would spend the night at my house before all of her fights.''

After helping Rousey land covers of various high profile magazines, Harvey says it bothers him that he gets no credit for any of it. After all, it was him who created the "monster."

"I created a monster,'' Harvey said. "She believed she was as special as the press made her out to be. They give me absolutely no credit for the success of her career. She's not a good person. You don't forget where you came from.''

To hear him tell it, Ronda's loss is, in a sense, poetic justice. And not just for him, either.

"In a sense it was poetic justice because she's wronged so many people that were there for her at the beginning of her career,'' he said. "To not be part of something I was instrumental in creating, has been very difficult."

As if losing her title wasn't enough, Rousey has had been taking hits from everyone post-UFC 193, including Miesha Tate, Donald Trump and even "Lady Gaga."

Rousey most likely understands that it comes with the territory, because for as many people who are out there that want to see you win, there's an equal amount just waiting to witness a tragic downfall.

But, you can bet that those same people will likely be eagerly awaiting her return, too.

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