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Anderson Silva tells Ronda Rousey: We love you, don't blame yourself!

He also tells her to stand up her head, whatever that means.

Matt Roberts-USA TODAY Sports

Former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva wants ex-women's bantamweight titleholder Ronda Rousey to go full Gene Snitsky following her UFC 193 knockout loss to Holly Holm, which took place last Saturday night (Nov. 14, 2015) in Melbourne, Australia.

Watch the replay here.

And "The Spider" knows a thing or two about getting creamed in the big spot. Silva was once considered the best fighter alive, until an undefeated (and unheralded) wrestler named Chris Weidman ended his reign of terror with a fist to the face at UFC 162.

To that end, the Brazilian asks Rousey to learn the same lesson (via Instagram).

"Our biggest glory doesn't lives in the fact of never fall down, but in the fact of we always stand up after each fall. With determination, You will overcome this bad time. I know very well how it is. You are a great athlete and transcend the MMA world. My kids love You. So, don't forget: To fall makes us stronger to stand up. You deserve the best of this world. Nobody is forever. All of us lost and to lose make us stronger. So, I wish you peace and lots of patience. Hold this experience with intelligence and don't blame yourself. You had a big lesson of this sport. With class you will transform this hapeness in something better to your personal and professional life, because the world was made for people like you, a winner. Stand up your head, girl. You are a great champion of life and a inspiration for all world. Don't forget, we love you!"

I didn't see any congratulations for Holly Holm. I'm sure it was there somewhere, I must have missed it.

Anyway, who Rousey blames for her lopsided loss is likely to be a hot topic over the coming days. Her head coach, Edmond Tarverdyan, is already feeling the heat from the mixed martial arts (MMA) community and he's certainly not helping his own cause with comments like these.

We'll find out if he's vindicated at "Rousey vs. Holm 2."

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