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Sandy cheeks! New photos of UFC Octagon girls getting wet and wild in Bali

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Need a break from all the Ronda Rousey stuff? Yeah, me too.

That's why I called my good friend over at, because he's the kind of guy who can turn up photos of UFC Octagon girls -- some with bikini tops and some without -- while vacationing in Bali. That's an Island off the coast of Indonesia and the kind of place a shmuck like myself dreams about during this chilly November weather.

Check out a sample above, then see the entire gallery here.

Front and center are longtime friends and co-workers Brittney Palmer and Arianny Celeste, who are no stranger to bikinis -- or each other. That said, I would imagine Celeste is quietly celebrating the fall of "Rowdy," who buried the part-time television host for walking in circles.

See those comments here.

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