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Dana White on Miesha Tate: If she's thinking about retirement, she should just do it

Miesha Tate hasn't been a happy camper the last few months.

After losing out on a third title fight against Ronda Rousey, "Cupcake's" frustrations grew even further when it was brought to her attention that her paychecks didn't even come close to those of "Rowdy's."

That prompted Tate to say that she would contemplate retiring from mixed martial arts (MMA) if things didn't start going her way with the higher ups at ZUFFA. And if she was using that as a threat to UFC president Dana White -- whom she revealed she had a list of demands for -- it seems to have backfired.

That's because White told Submission Radio prior to UFC 193 that if Tate is already throwing around the "R" word, she should just go ahead and call it a day.

"I want somebody that wants it. You know, Miesha Tate is talking about retiring right now. In this sport, when you start thinking about retiring, you should retire. Miesha probably should retire if that's what Miesha's thinking right now. [It's] probably a good idea. But I want girls that, you know - these women think they want that title, but they have no idea what it takes to really have that title and what it means to be a champion and how hard it is to carry it. And like Joanna telling you, ‘I think I want some time off after this fight', because the obligations are hard and very few people can really do it."

Oh, Tate wants it, the problem is she just hasn't received another chance to get it.

Of course, Tate's retirement plans can all change now that Rousey is no longer at the top of the bantamweight ladder, as Holly Holm knocked out the former champion via head kick during last night's (Sat., Nov. 14, 2015) UFC 193 event in Melbourne, Australia.

See it again here.

Of course, while Tate is all smiles today, she could turn into grumpy mode once more, since it seem Rousey is going to be getting an immediate rematch against "The Preacher's Daughter," leaving "Cupcake" out in the cold...again.

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