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UFC 193: Somber Dana White reacts to Ronda Rousey loss, calls it biggest upset ever

Anyone who has listened to Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White talk about former women's Bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey over the past three years knows he has a very high opinion of the talented Judoka.

And why wouldn't he? Until last night's (Sat., Nov. 14, 2015) main event at UFC 193 in Melbourne, Australia, she looked to be the most unbeatable champion in combat sports history.

Title challenger Holly Holm changed all that with one decisively deadly head kick.

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After the fight, White told Ariel Helwani that he was talking to UFC color commentator Joe Rogan and both agreed it is the biggest upset in UFC history.

Wait, bigger than Matt Serra over George St-Pierre?

"Yeah, obviously. If you look at how Ronda is revered and is the baddest woman on the planet and ... yeah, without a doubt," said White.

So, is the prez shocked that the biggest superstar in UFC history lost? Actually, you might be surprised to hear his answer.

White said he booked Rousey vs. Holm (and not Miesha Tate) because he knew the "Preacher's Daughter" uses her range and distance to land potentially devastating kicks.

"Everything we talked about is essentially what went down," he said, adding he knew Holm could win by staying on the outside of Rousey's reach and her deadly clinch work.

Now that Rousey has lost her "donut" in the loss column, Helwani asked if this means she's been exposed and that she's not as great as everything may have thought.

White scoffed at the idea.

"Every time somebody goes on a win streak forever and they do great things when they lose one they become 'exposed.' No. I don't think that Ronda was exposed tonight. I think Ronda just got beat tonight."

It's too early to tell whether Rousey will receive an immediate rematch against Holm, or if the former champion will take a break from the sport as she's hinted at in the past. But ,White said a rematch makes sense and suggested "Rowdy" can rebound from the loss, as devastating as it was.

She's the mentally strongest person that I've ever met. She's a workhorse. She eats stress. She's unlike anybody I've ever met so I mean if anybody could ever deal with it, it's her. But at the end of the day, Ronda Rousey's human."

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