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Video: Cris Cyborg might have just exposed Ronda Rousey ahead of UFC 193

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Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) women's bantamweight contender Holly Holm might have a chance to dethrone reigning division queenpin Ronda Rousey, if she can manage to stay on her feet and avoid the dangerous ground game of the "Rowdy" titleholder.

The means to that end, is shutting down the champ's judo attack.

Longtime mixed martial arts (MMA) coach Jason Parillo joined "MMA Bread 'N Butter" -- along with special guest Cristiane Justino -- to show how "The Preacher's Daughter" can avoid getting dumped on her head once the cage door closes on Saturday night (Nov. 14, 2015) in Australia.

Actually pulling it off, however, is another matter entirely.

Win or lose, expect "Cyborg" to continue working on the skills demonstrated above. It may be only a matter of time before the Brazilian -- currently working her way down to the bantamweight division -- finds herself settling her longstanding score with Rousey.

Hopefully here.