DSA, 3x Lumpinee MT Champ Amnuaysirichoke, Boku/Overall, & Angela Lee! ONE FC: Pride of Lions


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2015's most anticipated rematch got CANCELLED b/c Santos missed weight so just scroll down to where Amnuaysirichoke's part starts.

THIS FRIDAY, Nov.13 ONE Championship 34: Pride of Lions at the Singapore Indoor Stadium in Kallang, Singapore.

Undefeated USA Olympian & ONE Champion Ben Askren vs. 70 fight veteran Luis Santos in a rematch of their entertaining & hotly contested bout in April that ended prematurely due to an inadvertent eye-poke.


You guys already know the deal with this rematch.

However, check out these EXCELLENT "Uncaged" vids on the rematch. TOTALLY worthy watches...

Uncaged episode 1 (focuses on the rematch itself giving well known experts' opinions):

Uncaged episode 2 (this one focuses on each man's background, including Askren's Mom!):

Told you those were excellent vids totally worthy of your time! ;-)

It's a DAMN SHAME this fight won't happen Friday due to Santos' unprofessionalism of not making weight.

The Rematch was supposed to headline another excellent ONE Championship event that's stacked with excellent fighters & prospects for you.


Since I'm putting this article together with a quickness I'm just going to tell you about a couple fights on there & include vids & links for you to explore further.

The second most anticipated fight is obviously the SW Title fight.

ONE Champion Dejdamrong Sor Amnuaysirichoke is a 3x Lumpinee Muay Thai Champion cross-over & now MMA Champion. To say this man is an excellent striker would be an understatement.


If you enjoy beautiful Muay Thai technique in MMA, then DSA is must watch. Check out this awesome HL vid of his:

Also, in case this is your first time watching an epic ONE Championship event, YES, soccerkicks are 100% LEGAL in ONE just like the epic PRIDE FC. Also, the bouts are scored in their entirety like PRIDE. However, unlike PRIDE, ONE allows ALL elbows (including 12-6s!) & is fought in a Cage so no re-starts because of ropes!


ONE FC's superior ruleset evens the playing field for strikers & reduces the "lay'n pray" immensely.


It's getting too close to the 2nd weigh in time for Sapo so I gotta hurry up & finish this article quicker than I would've liked (it took me forever to figure out how to embed the actual videos & stubborn ol'me wouldn't give up till I figured it out! LOL) so I'm just going to list the fights & fighters to watch.

My sleeper FOTN is Major Overall vs. Koetsu Boku

Major Overall is an excellent underrated fighter that scored a 2014 KO of the Year Candidate...



Other fighters to keep an eye on are Benedict Ang, ONE 1Night GP winner Kai Wen Li, & Amir Khan (EvolveMMA prospect with tourette's syndrome)

& Alain Ngalani, who also has an excellent wheelkick KO gif...


& now it's time for the fighter you've all been waiting for...






Is she a HOTTIE or what!!! & the girl has REAL skills too!!! Trains at EvolveMMA!!! She can fight!!!

& if you wonder why I keep dubbing her the "Asian Ronda Rousey" well it's b/c in her pro-debut she executed a picture perfect judo toss that was Rousey-esque & then finished with a Rousey-esque armbar. Plus she has SUPERSTAR potential just like Rousey.


So there you have it. A quick preview of the awesome ONE Championship: Pride of Lions event happening Friday.

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ONE has literally scored BACK2BACK events with excellent Fight of the Year Candidates on them!!!

...& you're in luck because they just so happen to be available to view IN FULL right now!

Roger Huerta vs. Koji Ando from 2 events ago...

Vitaly Bigdash vs. Igor Svirid from the previous event...

So you see? I'm not exaggerating when I say these ONE FC events are TOTALLY UNDERRATED because they are!

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Alright Maniacs, as always THANKS for reading & enjoy the fights!

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