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Video: Watch new trailer for 'EA Sports UFC 2' video game

As promised, Electronic Arts (EA) is returning to the mixed martial arts (MMA) video game market with EA Sports UFC 2.

If you've already closed the book on this franchise following last year's disaster, the video game publisher wants you to know it's coming back with a vengeance, fixing the issues that plagued its debut, while also taking the things that worked and making them even better.

"The payoff is the smoothest, most responsive set of movements ever available in an MMA game, that will add new dimensions to your stand up, ground game, and everything in between," according to the throaty narrator.

No release date has been established for EA Sports UFC 2, though I would reckon early-to-mid 2016 is a safe guess. As to who will adorn this year's cover, I say it's a toss up between "Rowdy" Ronda Rousey and "The Notorious" Conor McGregor.

Expect a full reveal this Friday (Nov. 13, 2015).

To get a closer look at the first UFC video game click here.

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