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NBA's Detroit Pistons prepare for grueling season by training MMA with Luke Rockhold and Forrest Griffin

Not only is mixed martial arts (MMA) training good enough for the NFL's heavy hitters, but it's also helpful to the big men and sharpshooters of the NBA.

Specifically, members of the Detroit Pistons, who recently shared some mat time with current Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) superstar Luke Rockhold, as well as former light heavyweight champion Forrest Griffin.

As dominate center Andre Drummond stated, training MMA has really helped his body.

"It's a lot of stuff with our core, working on our legs and different stretches to loosen our body up that we've never done before that actually turns out to be really good for our bodies. It's a lot of fun work, actually. I've never had so much fun rolling around on the ground."

As you can tell in this video clip, though Drummond may not have the cleanest technique (yet), you still wouldn't want to get tagged by one of those big paws.

He is, after all, a 7 ft. tall, 280-pound rebounding, scoring, and defensive machine.

To catch the full episode of "Beyond The Paint" -- a monthly magazine style show that features some interesting off the court stories -- tune in tonight (Tues., Nov. 10, 2015) for the series premiere on NBA TV at 11 p.m. ET.

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