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UFC Quick Quote: Andrei Arlovski is just another guy Stipe Miocic has to put down

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Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

"He (Arlovski) is on a great winning streak, he's fought the best in the world, he's a former champ and he's a tough guy. He's been there, done that, but he's just another guy in front of me for me to put down."

-- Going into his pivotal heavyweight showdown at UFC 195 on Jan. 2, 2015 against Andrei Arlovski, Stipe Miocic knows just what kind of experience "The Pitbull" will bring with him to Las Vegas, Nevada. That's because as he recently told, Arlovski -- the former 265-pound kingpin -- has been there and done that more than a few times. But, at the end of the day, Miocic says Andrei is nothing more than another guy standing in the way of his shot at the gold. And when the cage door slams shut, Miocic will have no other choice but to put down the longtime veteran in order to get to the big dance. Something Stipe is confident will happen should he get the victory over "The Pitbull." And you can bet it's a situation that won't sit too well with this guy should it come to pass.