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Michael Bisping says 'unprofessional' Quinton Jackson can't make 205, would fight him anyway

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Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

They might be at different weight classes but some fans are interested in seeing a fight between Quinton "Rampage" Jackson and Michael Bisping.

The question was put to "The Count" recently on Twitter. Would he fight the former UFC champion if it were held at a catchweight?

His response was no less than expected:


Bisping might be referring to Jackson's UFC return in April, in which the fighter competed nine pounds over the 205-pound weight limit against Fabio Maldonado. The weight issue wasn't a problem, however, as Jackson wasn't even expected to fight on the card due to a court injunction that initially sided with Bellator MMA.

When the injunction was lifted just four days before UFC 186 it was agreed that the timeframe was too short for Jackson to make a healthy weight cut.

A veteran of 47 mixed martial arts matches, the 37-year-old never experienced weight problems until coming five pounds over the limit at UFC 144 against Ryan Bader. He also missed the mark at Bellator 108 against Joey Beltran.

Jackson has more than weight to worry about these days anyway. That Bellator injunction continues to loom large over the career of the aging veteran, something that has him contemplating retirement.

As for Bisping, he's likely just a little miffed that Rampage called him a "fuckin' traitor" on Twitch and promised to knock out the Brit for giving a statement against him in the lawsuit. The middleweight is also currently sidelined due to an injury that forced him from UFC 193 in Australia.

If they did fight (at catchweight or otherwise) who would you pick to win? The technical striking of Bisping or the powerful right hand of Rampage?