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GLORY 24 live stream results: 'Schilling vs. Wilnis' play-by-play live updates

GLORY Sports International

GLORY 24 takes place tonight (Fri., Oct. 9, 2015) from Magness Arena in Denver, Colo., headlined by a Middleweight match up between Joe Schilling and Jason Wilnis.

The No. 4-ranked Wilnis is filling in for the injured GLORY Middleweight champion, Artem Levin. The 24-year-old Dutchman is currently ranked No. 3 in the division, and in his last GLORY appearance, lost to Simon Marcus in the divisional "Contender" tournament final at GLORY 20.

Schilling, 31, last fought for the kickboxing promotion in February against Robert Thomas at GLORY 19, earning a unanimous decision victory. Since then, "Stitch 'em Up" has lost two straight fights in Bellator MMA.

In the co-main event, No. 4-ranked New Yorker Wayne Barrett takes on GLORY 23 Middleweight "Contender" tournament winner, Dustin Jacoby, who is currently ranked No. 10.

Barrett has lost two in a row and dropped a unanimous decision to Simon Marcus in the semifinals of the GLORY 20 tournament. Jacoby, meanwhile, knocked out Ariel Sepulveda and Casey Greene to win the GLORY 23 Middleweight "contender" tournament in August.

Once again, there will be a one-night, four-man "Contender" tournament. This one will be featured in the Heavyweight division. The semifinal match ups are No. 1-ranked Benjamin Adegbuyi vs. Mladen Brestovac and Jahfarr Wilnis vs. Ben Edwards.

MMAMania will deliver LIVE fight coverage of GLORY 24's "Superfight Series" that begins online at 8:30 p.m. ET this evening, as well as live coverage of the televised Spike TV main card, which begins at 11 p.m. ET. To watch both events live online click here.


.Joe Schilling def Jason Wilnis via TKO RD 2 (3:00)

Heavyweight "contender" final: Benjamin Adegbuyi def Jahfarr Wilnis via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)
Dustin Jacoby def Wayne Barrett via KO RD 3 TKO (1:40)
Heavyweight semi-final: Benjamin Adegbuyi def Mladen Brestovac via RD3 TKO (1:47)
Heavyweight semi-final: Jahfarr Wilnis def Ben Edwards via TKO RD 2 (1:36)
Robert Thomas def David Radeef via split decision (28-29, 30-27, 30-27)
Casey Greene def Francois Ambang via KO RD (1:38)
Kevin Vannostrong def Justin Houghton via Split Decision (28-29, 30-27, 30-27)

Zack Wells def Chris Trammel RD 1 KO (1:56)
Jason Lee def Steve Paprocki via RD2 KO (2:59)


Jason Wilnis vs. Joe Schilling

RD 1: Oscar Martinez is the third man in the ring. Push kick by Schilling and a spinning-back fist misses the mark. Another push kick by Shcilling.Jumping knee misses by Schiling. Right hook by WIlnis lands. Two jabs by Shcilling are blocked. Right to the body by Schilling. Right hook misses by WIlnis. Legt hook misses by Schilling. Knee to the body by Schilling. High kick blocked by WIlnis. Two knee are blocked by Winlis. 30 ticks left. Push kick by Schilling. And another push kick.

RD 2: Inside low kick lands for Wilnis. Schilling again with the push kick. Spinning back kick misses for Schilling. Low kick lands for Wilnis. Schilling misses a straight left and WInlis clinches. The ref breaks them and Schiling lands a left that drops Wilnis. This will be huge if it goes the distance. High kick misses for Schilling. Inside low kick lands for Schilling. Jumping knee for Schilling. Big right hand by WIlnis and it rocks Schiling and another right hand lands and puts him into the ropes. Wilnis swings wildly and Schilling clinches. 10 seconds. Left hook lands again for WIlnis.

RD 3: Final round. And it is waved off. Wilnis doesn't answer the bell due to an apparent injury to his left foot.

Final Result: Schilling def Wilnis via TKO RD 2 (3:00)


Heavyweight final:

RD 1: Adam Martinez is your referee. Inside low kick and a jab by Benny to start the final. A low kick by Wllnis lands. Low kick by Benny. Two jabs by Wilnis. Wilnis with a three-strike combo and finishes with a leg kick. RIght hook blocked by Benny. Left to body by Benny. They trade low kicks. Left ot body again by Benny. Jab gets through the guard of Benny. Uppercut gets through. left to body by Wilnis. Knee doesn't land by Benny. Good right hand lands for Winlis. Wilnis backing Benny up. 10 seconds. High kick by Benny is blocked.

RD 2: Low kick lands for Benny. Both going toe to toe. Benny blocks a few punches from Wilnis with his guard. Low kicks land for Benny. Knee to body for Wilnis. Both fighters showing fatigue. Jab lands for WIlnis. Inside low kick lands for Wilnis.Short hook lands for WIlnis. BOth fighters have almost nothing left.Hook from Wilnis and a hook from Benny. High kick by WInis misses. Benny hits on an uppercut. Combinations from Benny and they trade low kicks. Left hook lands for Benny. 10 seconds. This will be a close decision.

RD 3: High kick misses for Benny. Wilnis tries a jumping knee. Knee misses for Wilnis. Low kick lands for Benny. Both fighters are on fumes here. Low kick from Benny. One two from WIlnis. HIhgh kick just misses by Benny. Kick to the body lands for Benny. ANd another to the body. Low kick by WIlnis. Body kick again by Benny. Benny misses a hook. Benny lands to the body. 20 seconds left. High kick by WIlnis grazes Benny. 10 secons and they are both swinging back and forth. The bell and they are both spent.

Final Result: Benjamin Adegbuyi def Jahfarr Wilnis via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)


Wayne Barrett vs. Dustin Jacoby

RD 1: Oscar Martinez is your referee. Jacoby lands a low kick to start it off. Barrett fires a right hook that misses. Inside low kick by Barrett. Jacoby slips to canvas. Jacoby continues to press forward. Kick blocked by Barrett. Left straight lands by Barrett and Jacoby slips to canvas. Push kick by Barrett. Jaoby blocks a punch. Barrett misses on a left hook. Kick to boy by Jacoby doesn't get through. Barrett lands a right of the body. Overhand right by Jacoby misses for Jacboy. Jacoby jumps in but cant capitalize with anything.

RD 2: Low kick lands for Barrett. Jacoby swinging heavy but misses. Jacoby blocks punches with his high guard. Barrett clinches. Push kick knocked away by Barrett. Low kick lands for Jacoby. Left hook misses by Jacoby. One minute left in round. Jacoby presses forward. Left hand misses for Barrett. One two by Jacobyis blocked. Right hand misses for Barrett. Barrett comes off ropes and eats a left by Jacoby.

RD 3: Spinning back kick by Jacoby and he picks up the pace here in the final round. Low kick lands for Jacoby. Jab lands for Barrett. Left by Jacoby is blocked by Barrett. Barrett clinches Jacoby. Left hook lands and it drops Barrett. Barrett does not beat the count. Wow.

Final Result:


Heavyweight semi-final: Benjamin Adegbuyi vs. Mladen Brestovac

RD 1: Tom Johnson is your referee. Here we go. Body kick lands for Brestovac. Low kick lands for Benny. Body kick drops Brestovac but he gets back up. Benny measuring up the Croatian. Left to the body by Benny. Leg kick lands by Brestovac. Inside low kick lands for Brestovac. Right behind the guard of Benny by Brestovac. They trade low kicks against the ropes. Right straight and a low kick by Benny. And follows it up with another pair of low kicks. Uppercut by Benny.

RD 2: Left high kick grazes Benny's head. Benny backs him into corner and lands another low kick. Combination and Benny lands to the body of Brestovac. Brestovac lands a body punch of his own. Benny's high kick is blocked. Outside low kick lands but Benny gets caught in ropes. One minute left in round. Low kick lands for Brestovac. HIgh kick blocked by Benny. Benny opens up on the body of Brestovac in the corner. HIgh kick blocked by Brestovac. Inside low kick by Brestovac. Left to head and body by Benny.

RD 3: Low kick lands by Brestovac. Left to the body lands for Brestovac. Outside low kick lands for Benny. Low kick and a left straight by Benny. Two low kicks again and Brestovac goes down. He beats the count and they go again.  Benny lands two more kicks to the same leg. Brestovac doubles over and the ref stops it.

Final Result: Adegbuyi def Brestovac via TKO RD3 (1:47)


Heavyweight semi-final: Jahfarr Wilnis vs. Ben Edwards

RD 1: TIm Mils is your third man in the ring. This should be fun. Edwards walks down Wilnis and lands a punch to the body. Outside low kick lands twice for the Aussie. Inside low kick lands for Edwards. Left straight through the guard of Edwards for Wilnis. Combination lands for Wilnis and he finishes off with a kick to the leg. Both fighters taking their time here. Jab by Winlis. Low kick by Wilnis buckles Edwards. Two punches to the body by Wilnis land. Right to the body again by Wilnis. Left hook lands for Edwards.

RD 2: Kick to the body lands for Edwards. Wilnis hurts Edwards with a kick to the leg and he pours it on with punches but Edwards withstands the punishment. Edwards buckled again with a leg kick. And WIlnis lands it again and he drops him. Edwards beats the count, but is still hurt. Wilnis comes in again and lands more kicks to the left leg of Edwards and he drops him for a second time to end the contest.

RD 3:

Final Result: Wilnis def Edwards via TKO (2 knockdowns) RD 2 (1:36)



Robert Thomas vs. David Radeef

RD 1: Adam Martinez is the third man in the ring. High kick blockd by Radeef. Body kick lands by Radeef. Radeef comes forward and Thomas clinches up. The ref breaks. Thomas stalking and Radeef lands a body kick. They clinch again and the ref breaks them. Radeef goes to the body and Thomas clinches again. Spinning back fist misses by Radeef. Right through the guard by Radeef lands and an outside low kick lands. THomas eats a push kick and comes forward with a knee that doesn't land. Left hook behind the guard lands by THomas and an uppercut finds its mark. Radeef lands a push kick.

RD 2: Hook kick misses by Radeef. Thomas misses a high kick. They clinch and the ref separates them. Thomas lands an accidental elbow on a spinning-back fist attempt and the ref halts the bout. Push kick by Thomas lands. HIgh kick by THomas is blocked. Another clinch. Step in knee  by Thomas doesn't get through. Thomas catches a kick but can't capitalize. Thomas lands a left hook. Right hand misses for Radeef. Double jab lands through guard for Radeef. Knee lands for Thomas and he backs Radeef into the corner. ANd he fires more knees and a right high kick lands just after the bell.

RD 3: Thomas goes for the clinch and attacks with a knee to start the final round. They clinch and Thomas tries for a knee to the body. Two-punch combo lands for Thomas. Thomas lands a hook on the break. He catches a kick and sweeps Radeef to the floor. PUsh kick by Thomas. Spinning back kick by Radeef doesn't land. They clinch again and the ref breaks. Kick to the body by Thomas. Knee attack by Thomas. High kick misses by Thomas. Low kick by Radeef lands. Radeef misses on spinning-back fist. Radeef lands a couple in  combination. High kick misses by Thomas and the bell sounds.

Final Result: Robert Thomas def David Radeef via unanimous decision (28-29, 30-27, 30-27)


Casey Greene vs. Francois Ambang

RD 1: Tom Johnson is your third ran in the ring. Greene lands a jab to get things started. Ambang blasts away with a three-punch combo, but nothign gets through. INside low kick lands for Ambang. Right to the body for Ambang and Greene answers with another low kick. High kick off the mark for Ambang. Low kick by Ambang wobbles Greene. High kick blocked by AMbang. Outside low kick lands for Ambang. Right to the body lands for Ambang but his follow up left hand does not. ANother low kick lands for Ambang. Right hook misses for Greene. INside low kick lands again for Ambang. Greene lands a left and Ambang stumbles and goes down but ruled a slip.

RD 2: Both fighters exchange in the pocket. Low kick lands for Ambang. Greene tries for a knee. Body kick blocked by Greene. Greene pulls Ambang into his plumb but can't connect with anything. Green connects on a knee to AMbang and Greene unloads with punches another knee and  drops Ambang with right hand. Ambang beats the count but Referee Johnson waves it off.

RD 3:

Final Result: Greene defeats Ambang via KO RD 2 (1:38)


Kevin Vannostrong vs. Justin Houghton

RD 1: Vannostrong misses with a step-in knee. Houghton hanging back and swinging heavy. Low kick lands for Houghton. Vannostrong throws a spinning back fist that grazes Houghton. Straight left finds the mark for Vannostrong. Houghton throws a combo that is blocked by the guard of Vannostrong. Vannostrong lands a knee to the pills. Referee halts the action. High kick missed by Houghton. Stepping-side kick misses for Vannsotrong. Low kick lands for Vannostrong. Left straight lands on the button at the end of round for Vannostrong.

RD 2: Low blow by Vannostrong and the ref halts the action once again. Houghton has a tattoo that says "J HO" and it's awful. High kick blocked by HOughton. Jumping knee by Houghton doesn't get through. SIde kick by Vannostrong lands. Vannostrong fakes a side kick and throws a hook that misses. Left through guard lands for Vannostrong. Left straight lands again for Vannostrong. Houghton slips and falls. Houghton jumps for a knee and Vannostrong lands a right hand,.

RD 3: INside low kick lands for Vannostrong. Right kick by Hougton blocked by Vannostrong. Vannostrong blocks a combot from Houghton and fires a straight left. Houghton connects on a right hand. And another left straight by Vannostrong. Back kick misses from Vannostrong. Big right hand off the mark by Houghton. Body kick by Houghton lands. Left straight through the guard yet again for Vannostrong.

Final Result: Vannostrong def Houghton via split decision (28-29, 30-27, 30-27)


Jason Lee vs. Steve Paprocki

RD 1:

RD 2:

RD 3:

Final Result:

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