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UFC Quick Quote: Sage Northcutt could be the next Georges St-Pierre times 10

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Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

"Talk about potential, talk about dollar signs. This kid could be Georges St-Pierre times 10. When you look at his look and the way that he fights. The explosiveness. This kid is an athlete through and through. Just look at that flip! Let's say fighting doesn't work out, he could be a movie star. He could be a Jean-Claude Van Damme. Maybe do it at the same time. Everything this guy does he does it 100 percent. Whether it's wrestling or being a karate world champion. His sister is a karate champion. It's in their blood. This is what they do, and now we're getting these truly elite, world-class athletes in the sport. It really is exciting."

In case you thought Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White was the only one gushing over mixed martial arts (MMA) sensation Sage Northcutt, I present to you the reaction from UFC on FOX analyst Kenny Florian (via MMA Fighting), who believes the sky is the limit for the undefeated lightweight. Northcutt, 19, made his Octagon debut in style, beating the brakes off Francisco Trevino at UFC 192 last weekend (Oct. 3, 2015) in Houston, Texas, before showing off his athleticism with a crazy flip (watch it). Not only is "Super" undefeated at 6-0, all six of his wins have come by way of knockout or submission and he's only seen the second round once in his young career. That said, is it too early to start crowning him the next big thing King? I think it will be very interesting to see how the promotion matches him up moving forward...