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UFC champ Daniel Cormier, 36, won't retire until he beats Jon Jones -- twice

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Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier got a late start in mixed martial arts (MMA), jumping into the fight business at the age of 30 despite competing in wrestling for as long as he can remember.

After combining the wear and tear of both disciplines, his body has definitely taken a beating. Especially when he engages in all-out wars like the one he was involved in this past weekend (Sat., Oct., 3, 2015) against Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 192 in Houston, Texas.

Video highlights here.

Still, the former heavyweight -- now 36 years old -- isn't thinking about retiring anytime soon. Because as he explained on The MMA Hour, he still has to fight Jon Jones two more times before he contemplates hanging up the gloves.

His words:

"It's very hard to think about that stuff right now because it would seem easier to say, 'You know what? I don't really need this anymore. Financially, I am fine. I got a job that pays me well outside of the Octagon and I don't need it. But, you start thinking like that man, the other side starts to look pretty good. So I will wait until my body starts to feel better and I feel good to know. But, I know that I got at least two fights that I would have to have before I would ever retire anyway. The next fight when I beat Jones and then the third fight when him and I fight again. So, Jones and I will fight twice again. So until him and I fight two more times, I'm not going anywhere."

So where does this leave Ryan Bader?

As Cormier explained, since he has to take time off to heal up from his injuries before stepping back into the Octagon, it will give UFC time to decide if and when they are going to allow "Bones" back into the cage after he avoided jail time.

Which means "Darth" will be left out, yet again.

"You know what man, unfortunately, and Bader did a really good job last Saturday, but the fans and UFC will want to see Jones and I fight again and I just don't see what Bader can do to make himself actually get this title shot. I want some time with my foot being all jacked, I am going to need a little bit off time. And I think with time, they will probably schedule Jones. If I was healthy, Ryan Bader could probably sneak in there until Jones gets back, but I'm not healthy, so I think it's going to have to wait a little bit until Jones is ready."

Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.

Fortunately, Bader already has a Plan B in motion, as he has his eyes set on Glover Teixeira just in case he gets passed over. As for the eventual rematch between "DC" and "Bones," it seems we're getting closer and closer each passing day.

Just don't expect it to go down in New York.