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'Shocked' Mike Dolce responds to 'entertaining' BJ Penn callout, praises the 'living legend'

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Kill them with kindness.

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

B.J. Penn recently blasted Mike Dolce on an appearance on "UFC Tonight," stating that he was sick and tired of hearing about him and offering up an open challenge to one of the famed nutritional guru's ex-pupils, Nike Lentz, for a fight.

As a bonus, he promised to "smash" Dolce backstage to settle what seems to be a beef from the last time they worked together. Part of it being that "The Prodigy" spent $1,000 er day on Dolce's services ... only to go hungry at times.

Dolce responded on 'The MMA Hour" earlier this afternoon, refusing to say one bad thing about the living legend despite the recent rant aimed toward him.

"Completely shocked and completely entertained. I thought it was awesome and kind of a brilliant move on B.J.'s part, who's a genius marketer as you can tell by the shirt he was wearing and getting great headlines. And he's exciting, anytime B.J. talks, anytime B.J. does anything it's exciting and it's newsworthy. So it's kind of an honor for me to be involved in a B.J. headline, though they are not always the nicest. But, I have nothing bad to say about B.J., he's certainly a legend in our sport. I think what he's done in the sport will never be seen again. He is certainly a once-in-a-lifetime athlete. So, I have nothing but great things to say about the man"

As far as the issues between them, Dolce claims they are squashed:

"We have mutual friends and contacts in between. I do believe it's completely cleared up on both sides. That's all the indications I've had. I tried to get to his Hall of Fame induction and cheer for him, but we had a three-day seminar at The Mandalay Bay and I couldn't leave. But, I did want to go there and support because he's truly a Hall of Fame athlete. I was hoping to see him and just get five or 10 seconds with him and shake his hand and give him a pat on the back and tell him what I think about him in such a positive light, I didn't get that chance but I am hoping that the first time we do, I'll be able to express that."

When asked to detail the root of the beef between the two men, Dolce had this to say:

"The one thing that I'll say is that fight camps and fighting itself is so high-stressed and so high-pressure. There's so many things happening all at once. A lot of times there is a need for a release of that and I believe I was the release, which is fine. I think that's where I'll leave it. Again, nothing bad to say about the guy and I wish him the best in his career for sure. And if he ever did come back to fight, I will be the first to buy the pay-per-view because he is exciting."

That's a far cry from the comments Dolce had to say about Penn's training habits a while back (or lack thereof).

One person that isn't on the Penn's bandwagon is Lentz, the Hawaiian's other target during his mini-meltdown. According to Dolce, he isn't too sure where the beef between the two of them is, but did reveal that Lentz spent some time training with Penn during his camp for his trilogy fight against Frankie Edgar.

And the end of the camp, Dolce revealed that Lentz left with a huge smile and a nice check courtesy of Penn.

But, if the "spoiled rich kid" from Hawaii really wants to throw hands, "The Carny" is ready and willing to oblige.