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Tim Kennedy welcomes Johny Hendricks to UFC middleweight division (and Weight Watchers)

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Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

If Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White holds true to his word, the next time we see former welterweight champion Johny Hendricks, it will be in the middleweight division.

It seems last-minute "Rigg" is a little too "Bigg" for the 170-pound weight class.

That might sound a bit strange when you consider how successful Hendricks has been since joining the ZUFFA ranks back in 2009 (12-3). But one place he continues to struggle is on the scale, most notably at last weekend's UFC 192 event, where he left Tyron Woodley high and dry.

As a result, White instructed the bearded brawler to head north.

Fortunately, Hendricks won't have to look very far for a potential opponent. The affable Tim Kennedy, being the gentleman that he is, already laid down the welcome mat for the former collegiate wrestling standout, and was even kind enough to give him some dieting advice.

Sorry, it's not the "Dolce Diet."

Anyone care to see these two heavy hitters hook 'em up? Hey, it sure beats retirement.