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MMA fighters show off their most terrifying costumes, Joe Lauzon the hands down winner for creepiest

It's Halloween, a once-a-year opportunity to gorge on tiny candies you stole from your children, peruse Instagram for women dressed up as slutty witches, and watch B-movie horror flicks in various states of inebriation.

How are your favorite mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters enjoying the spooky tradition? Let's take a look below:

Francisco Rivera as Batman:

My son Wanted us to save the world today We are ready for #Halloween2015 #Batman #Hulk #Turtle #UFCHalloween

A photo posted by Francisco "Cisco" Rivera (@ciscoriveraufc) on

Tony Ferguson as a skeleton:

Seth Baczynski as Ned Flanders:

Hi-dilly-ho, neighborinos

A photo posted by Seth Baczynski (@sethma) on

Joe Lauzon as Mickey Mouse:

Jimi Manuwa from the film "The Purge":

Tonight we purge #purge #Halloween

A photo posted by Jimi Manuwa (@pb1_) on

Brendan Schaub (from 2008) as the ultra flamboyant Richard Simmons:

You kids be safe tonight happy Halloween via 2008

A photo posted by Brendan Schaub (@brendanschaub) on

Demetrious Johnson as... some kind of weird cat creature:

Happy Halloween everybody.. You got Bambi and creeping skull guys. @mightywife did both our make-up. be safe tomorrow.

A photo posted by Demetrious Johnson (@mightymouse125) on

Dustin Poirier poses with Nestle Snipes (Din Thomas):

Forrest Griffin as, uh, supergirl in what looks to be a very old photo:

Cain Velasquez as a zombie:

Just killed a few people...#familynight #happyhalloween #superfrenchie

A photo posted by Cain Velasquez (@officialcainvelasquez) on

Do you have any photos of MMA fighters that I missed? Post them in the comments and I'll add them to the Spooktacular list!

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