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Joe Rogan: Why is Miesha Tate and her 'great ass' only making a small fraction of Ronda Rousey's millions?

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After all, Tate is very marketable because aside from being a great fighter, she is "hot as fuck," says Rogan.

Ben Watts for ESPN The Magazine

Alexander Gustafsson isn't the only one who knows what it feels like to constantly come in second place.

Miesha Tate, it seems, has been playing second fiddle to Ronda Rousey since "Rowdy" exploded onto the scene and dethroned "Cupcake" from the top of the Strikeforce mountain back in 2012.

Still, UFC color commentator Joe Rogan is baffled at the huge gap in pay when you compare Rousey and Tate's finances earned inside the cage. After all, "Cupcake" is right behind "Rowdy" in the rankings and has given Ronda her toughest fight to date.

But when Rousey is earning millions and Tate's only banking a "small fraction" of that, Rogan seems to think there's a problem. After he caught wind of Tate's thoughts about potential retirement, the UFC color commentator talked about the lack of structure in UFC, as well, during a recent episode of his podcast via MMA Fighting:

"That's one of the bad things about the UFC that people don't like. There isn't any clear structure. When Miesha Tate won she was virtually guaranteed a shot at the title. 'Beat Jessica Eye, you've got a shot at the title.' She beats Jessica Eye, 'Eh, listen, you're not ready for that.' What? She made some interview recently where she said she should probably think about what she's going to do when she retires. That she should probably at least consider that. Whoa. She's thinking about retiring?"

One can argue that Tate simply isn't marketed as much as Ronda by the UFC hype machine. Something that confuses Rogan, as well, as he says Tate is "hot as fuck" and has "a great ass" so there is no reason why she can't be deemed not marketable.

"Then there's Miesha Tate, who is the No. 2 girl in the division. Even though she's lost to Ronda three [sic] times, she's the No. 2 girl in the division. How much do you think she makes? It's a small fraction. It's not like she's not hot. She's hot as fuck, right? She's got a beautiful body. Great ass. Sorry I said that. Sorry, Miesha. All due respect, but she's a great fighter, too. She's very tough. Miesha probably makes a very small fraction of what Ronda makes and she's elite. She's an outstanding fighter. She's tough as shit and people love her. It's weird."

While I don't want to dispute Rogan's statements, in the end, it comes down to star power.

And that's not saying Tate doesn't have it, but UFC President Dana White has gone on record to say the Rousey is the biggest star UFC has ever had. As in not just the women's division, the company as a whole.

A fairly bold claim when you consider all of the mega stars who have stepped foot inside the Octagon including Chuck Liddell, Jon Jones, Georges St-Pierre, and box office machine, Brock Lesnar.

Plus, you can bet Ronda's multiple gigs outside of the Octagon have only given her management team more leverage to ask for bigger paychecks from UFC.

Tate can possibly turn the tables in her favor if she can get a win over Rousey. Of course, she has to get a third fight against her, first.

Therein lies the problem.