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TUF 22: 'McGregor vs Faber' results, recap for episode 7 on FOX Sports 1

Episode seven of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 22 gets underway and Team USA is feeling good now that it's up 3-2 over Team Europe. With that in mind, Thanh Le (USA) fights Martin Svensson (Europe) to see who gets one step closer to the glass trophy and six-figure contract on Dec. 11, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Svensson is "sick and tired" of the way the Americans fight. Artem Lobov says Team USA needs to do stupid things to be remembered, like wear headbands with penises drawn on them, as well as give each other NOS showers (think low-rent Gatorade bath).

Coach Conor McGregor is giving Svensson some extra pointers and has his assistant coach join in, as the burly Swede needs to watch out for the fast hands (and feet) of Le in what on paper, appears to be a classic match up of striker vs. grappler.

Coach Urijah Faber, not surprisingly, wants "big kicks and punches" once the cage door closes.

We get some background on Le and his parents owned a Taekwondo school in Louisiana, a place he called home since the age of five. Le calls himself a "free fighter" because he can compete wherever the fight may go, though he admits he prefers the stand up.

The "smarter" Le promises to avoid a "brawl" and won't play the "big-man's game."

Back at the house, some of the guys play billiards and the booze starts to flow. If you lose a game of pool, you have to do a shot, so it's not long before a handful of the boys get shit-faced. Chris Gruetzemacher starts talking all sorts of junk and Julian Erosa tells "Grtiz" his fight sucked.

One thing leads to another and we have a pull-apart brawl.

After things calm down and we make it through the night, Faber takes his team to the department store to dress up like McGregor. As you would expect, they are shopping in the women's section because the clothes are "tight and flashy" and should prove to be a suitable distraction during the next elimination fight.

As for Le vs. Svensson, both fighters make weight without incident.

155 lbs.: Thanh Le (Team USA) vs. Martin Svensson (Team Europe)

Round 1: Quick touch of gloves and Le is moving back and forth, trying to find his range. He opens with a leg kick that is blocked. He follows up with an uppercut that is not -- but a follow-up body kick gets him tripped and taken down during a scramble. Svensson working from half guard and McGregor calls for patience. Faber shouting for underhooks. Svensson controlling the position but not really doing much with it. Le gives up his back but Svensson can't capitalize and Le gets back to his feet. They jockey for position against the fence and Le breaks free. Svensson charges in recklessly and Le cracks him with a right and sends him to the canvas. Le jumps on top and tries to finish but Svensson tangles him up and rides out the clock. I have it Le 10-9.

Round 2: Another touch of gloves and Svensson kicks but misses. Le turned away with a push kick. Svensson dives in for a single leg and does a good enough job of hanging on to drag Le to the mat. Svensson gets mount and Le panics and gives up his back. That talk of being a "free fighter" is not holding up as Svensson just kind of flops around on top of him. Like the opening frame, he's not unleashing a hellacious amount of offense, but he is in complete control. They roll around for awhile and Le once again gives up his back and then attempts a half-hearted armbar. Svensson counters and chokes him out with relative ease.

Final result: Svensson def. Le via submission (rear-naked choke)

Here's where we stand after episode seven:

United States:
Billy Quarantillo (6-1)
Chris Gruetzemacher (12-1) +1
James Jenkins (8-1) 
Jason Gonzalez (9-2) 
Julian Erosa (14-1) +1
Ryan Hall (4-1) +1
Thanh Le (4-1)
Tom Gallicchio (19-8)
Johnny Nunez (5-1)

Abner Lloveras (19-7-1) 
David Teymur (3-1) 
Frantz Slioa (4-0)
Marcin Wrzosek (10-2) +1
Martin Svensson (14-5)
Mehdi Baghdad (11-3)
Sascha Sharma (8-2)
Saul Rogers (10-1) +1
Artem Lobov (11-10-1-1)

We're all tied up at three apiece.

After the fight, Faber tells Le he won't have a future in the sport unless he "commits to the ground." Team Europe is celebrating because they are back in the competition and have control of the fight picks. As such, they opt to go with Artem Lobov (11-10-1-1) vs. James Jenkins (8-1) for episode eight.

See you in seven!

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