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Tim Kennedy: I'm a better striker than slower, weaker Dan Henderson

"I'm a bad match up for Dan. You know, let's just get down to it. It's not ‘stylistically' ... you know, he's not going to take me down. His wrestling's not good enough to stop my takedowns, and fundamentally, I'm a better striker than he is. So he really has one shot, and that's going to be his big right hand, ‘H-Bomb.' So that's getting slower, as is weaker with his age, as his chin is. We're kind of both like "Go America" type guys. So that's not cool. Two America-type guys fighting. And so I think the foundation for what he was saying was: ‘I don't want to fight Tim because it's a bad match up for me. I don't know how I'm gonna beat him, besides maybe landing a lucky punch.'"

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight Tim Kennedy called for a Dan Henderson "Troops" fight earlier this year but "Hendo" was having none of it, insisting that fans were not interested in watching him trade punches with the former Green Beret. Perhaps the real reason, based on Kennedy's conversation with Submission Radio, is that the older, slower, and weaker ex-champ is overmatched and opted to look for an opponent who was more his speed, like fellow aging veteran Vitor Belfort. As luck would have it, Henderson and Belfort will bang it out for a third time at UFC Fight Night 77 next month in Brazil while Kennedy ... well, he's still campaigning to face this guy.

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