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UFC 194: 'Exposed' Chris Weidman is slow, getting KTFO by Luke Rockhold in the second round

Move over Franklin, there's a new turtle in town, as Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight champion Chris Weidman drags himself to the Octagon for his upcoming 185-pound title defense at UFC 194. That's assuming the undefeated slow-poke can get through the Dec. 11 weigh ins without killing himself.

Just ask Luke Rockhold, he'll tell you.

The former Strikeforce titleholder was a recent guest on Submission Radio and by the sound of it, Rockhold doesn't sound overly concerned about their "Aldo vs. McGregor" pay-per-view (PPV) co-main event inside MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Dec. 12, 2015.

His words:

"I'm not so much worried about Chris. I believe I have more cardio, I have more heart, more will, more technical in every aspect of the game I think. I respect his wrestling. I think he thinks it's going to play too much of a role. It's really gonna be...I'm gonna shut down his wrestling, I'm gonna open up every other hole in his game. I think he's slow and he's got he's gotten by on his toughness and his wrestling. He's fighting all these guys that are scared of his wrestling and letting him dictate the pace of the fight. People wanna say this is a close fight. I don't see it as [a close fight] though. I think Chris is gonna be tough for a round, maybe two. I'm gonna run away with this fight and I'm gonna take the belt home. Another belt coming back to AKA. Chris is just too slow, he's too slow, he's too slow. That's all I gotta say. He's slow, slow, and he's slow. I’m going to shut Chris Weidman down in the first round. I’m gonna expose him in the second round. And I’m gonna finish him with a left kick, followed by a left punch, simultaneously."

Rockhold is even calling his shot!

Weidman (13-0) returned from a lengthy injury layoff to beat the snot out of Brazilian banger Vitor Belfort in the UFC 187 main event last May in "Sin City." Rockhold (14-2), meanwhile, strangled Lyoto Machida on FOX to record his fourth-straight win.

How about it, fight fans, are we about to usher in the Rockhold era?

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