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UFC Quick Quote: TJ Dilla-chump got suckered with rubber checks

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Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

"T.J. left under the guise that he was going to be paid to train. Do you guys understand how silly that is? Gyms don't succeed. Us in the business can tell you. Gym doors get locked up every week. The mats get sold, the ring gets torn down, the lease isn't paid. The gym business is a tough one. I love the sport but I understand that's a tough business. Now a gym without a long history is offering to pay T.J. Dillashaw? T.J, those checks aren't coming, brother. That was a really, really sucker move by you. You must not have an adviser. That's a chump move thinking those checks are going to cash. Now he's got Dominick Cruz, a fight he's likely to lose. He hasn't been 'Mr. Drawing Star' anyway. Not a lot of stars down there. You heard it here first: T.J., you're not getting paid to train. I don't care what promises you've been made or who signed the contract. You're not getting paid a monthly salary to train. If you get that for five months I would be stunned. I'll tell you now, you're not getting it for a year. That's not even in the cards."

Popular mixed martial arts (MMA) podcaster and ex-fighter Chael Sonnen is not convinced that Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) bantamweight kingpin TJ Dillashaw is getting paid to train by the owners of Elevation Fight Team (EFT) in Denver, Colo., despite the fact that EFT has financial backing from MusclePharm. Even if he is, "The American Gangster" (via MMA Fighting) predicts those checks will bounce -- or stop coming altogether -- after "The Viper" loses to Dominick Cruz at the upcoming UFC Fight Night 81 event on Jan. 17 in Boston, Mass. (more on that here). While not a common stateside business model, other successful gyms around the world like Evolve MMA provide room and board -- as well as a monthly salary -- to compete under a specific banner. What they don't tell you is how much of your fight purse needs to be handed over after leaving the cage. Pay me now or pay me later!