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Video: Go behind the scenes of Ronda Rousey's sandy Self magazine photo shoot

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There's a moment in Gymkata when Jonathan Cabot (Kurt Thomas) gets lost in a village full of crazies, but manages to fight his way out because there just so happens to be gymnastics equipment conveniently scattered throughout the town square.

The whole time I was thinking, Yeah right, like THAT would ever happen.

Turns out I was wrong, because Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey -- also a petite blonde who made the U.S. Olympic team -- got lost in the desert and by sheer luck stumbled across a pummel horse, among other things.

Fortunately for us, she was scantily clad and in the presence of flash photography.

To see the finished product, which not only made the November cover of Self magazine, but also produced several stunning photos of the "Rowdy" UFC 193 headliner, click here.

For more on her upcoming bantamweight title defense against Holly Holm next month in Australia click here.