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Reebok releases explanation, apology for offensive UFC Ireland t-shirt

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Brad Barket/Getty Images

Great news, everybody!

It turns out the folks at Reebok weren't trying to be edgy or controversial when they released their new UFC Ireland t-shirt, which ignored Northern Ireland while asking mixed martial arts (MMA) fans to show their allegiance (see the questionable pic here).

It was simply a design error, whatever the heck that means.


Fortunately for the oft-maligned sports and apparel company, it met the demands of Conor McGregor's head coach, John Kavanagh, who threatened to end his gym's affiliation with Reebok unless the organization apologized and removed the offending shirt.

Mission complete.

Kavanagh and the rest of his SBG crew will now focus on this Saturday's (Oct. 24, 2015) UFC Fight Pass card in Dublin (more on that here).