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Henry Cejudo sticks to his guns, won't fight in Nevada until Nick Diaz suspension lifted

We knew that undefeated UFC Flyweight prospect Henry Cejudo is refusing to fight in the state of Nevada following a five-year suspension handed down to fellow fighter Nick Diaz by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

Diaz's crime? Smoking the reefer.

But would Cejudo change his mind if a title shot were in the offing? According to the No. 5-ranked flyweight, it's still a no-go.

"The Messenger" was answering a question for a fan at the UFC 192 Q&A session yesterday (Thursday, Oct. 1, 2015) at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas, and confirmed (again) he would refuse the opportunity:

"You guys are going to think I'm crazy. I've been the best in the world and I believe my self worth, it's more important to me than my net worth. Give it (the title shot) to somebody else. That's fine. It's no hurry, I know I'll be the best soon. I would be willing to give it up... So Nick can get his proper justice. And again, I love the UFC. You guys have done a tremendous job with me, you guys have treated me so well. But, man, I aint a slave to nobody. And I'll tell it to Dana [White], and I love him and the Fertittas, but if you really think about it the Fertittas and Dana White, they would do anything for each other. I'm just trying to help a fellow UFC member."

A noble gesture, indeed.

Having said that, I'm not sure whether a boycott by Cejudo could really help. After all, Dana White and UFC have no power or influence over the athletic associations that grant them license to operate throughout the United States.

If they did, White would have fired every judge who presided over this fight.

What do you make of Cejudo's decision to put his principles ahead of his career?

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